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The 11 Most Absurd Moments in the New 'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer

Good news for the Martin Scorsese-Leonardo DiCaprio collective. After pushing the film back from its original mid-November release schedule due to a whopping 3 hour run-time, Paramount has now confirmed that the director will indeed have his proverbial ducks in a row just in time for "The Wolf of Wall Street" to bow on Christmas (outta the way, "Jack Ryan").

That means we can most likely expect a fast and furious awards season campaign from Marty, Leo and maybe even a few of the supporting cast members — which include Matthew McConaugheyJonah Hill (and wouldn't he just love to be in contention again this year?), Kyle ChandlerJon BernthalJean DujardinRob ReinerJon FavreauSpike Jonze and Margot Robbie.

Happy tuxedo dance, anyone?

Perhaps to celebrate the news, the studio has released a brand new trailer for the one percentric film, and we couldn't help but notice that it's got hilariously absurd moments aplenty. Here are our favorite 11. Get More »

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Keep Waiting to See Leo Throw That Lobster: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Delayed

Paramount Paramount

"The Wolf of Wall Street" was originally scheduled for release on Nov. 15, but now even director Martin Scorsese isn't quite sure when the thing's gonna be ready or how it'll be trimmed down from its current 180 minute (yep, 3 frickin' hours) run time.

So, as of this moment, there simply is no release date for the latest Marty S. and Leonardo DiCaprio Dream Team reunion. Womp. But wait, there's more! Get More »

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'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer: Leo DiCaprio is '80s Bazillionaire Chic

Gatsby who? Here's your real man on top of the money mountain.

Presenting the first trailer for "The Wolf of Wall Street," the latest chapter in the Martin Scorsese-Leonardo DiCaprio collaboration chronicle, and any angry 99 percenters in the crowd might just wanna look the other way. Get More »

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GALLERY: 'Friday Night Lights' Stars Ready For Their Close-Ups

If you're like us, you love the holiday season, but kinda wish you could spend it in Dillon, Texas, with the Taylor family.

Actually, this year, you almost can. Coach himself, Kyle Chandler, stars in "Argo" and "Zero Dark Thirty," while Mrs. Coach Connie Britton graces the big screen in "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas." As for the young-uns, you've probably already caught Tyra Collette (Adrianne Palicki) in theaters in "Red Dawn" and might want to make a date to see Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) in "In Our Nature" this month.

In fact, why wait to get a good look at them? We figured it was time to pay homage to the (incredibly attractive) cast of "Friday Night Lights" as they're about to see their names in lights for real. And, thus, we were inspired to create this gallery of the "Friday Night Lights" gang in movies, past, present and future. We urge you to click through with clear eyes and full hearts.

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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Big Wolves: Kyle Chandler Joins Wall Street Drama

Kyle Chandler
Getty Images

For five seasons, Kyle Chandler gained rave reviews on "Friday Night Lights." The only problem was nobody actually watched it. Now, though, Chandler is turning that buzz into a big time movie career — and, according to Deadline, he's just landed his biggest role yet as a crusading FBI agent in the upcoming Martin Scorsese drama "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Looks like Chandler must have clear eyes and a full heart, because these days he just can't lose. Get More »

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Kyle Chandler Joins the Hunt For 'Bin Laden'

Kyle Chandler
Getty Images

Kyle Chandler has received and accepted his orders from Kathryn Bigelow.

The "Super 8" and "Friday Night Lights" star joins Joel Edgerton, Edgar Ramirez, Chris Pratt, Mark Strong, Jason Clarke and Jessica Chastain in the film that has been off-and-on referred to as "Kill Bin Laden," according to Deadline.

Chandler will be playing a CIA agent, which certainly falls in line with what co-star Strong had to say about the movie last month, describing it as "a very procedural film about the CIA and their attempts to find him" to the Press Association. Get More »

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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Big Screen? The Future of 'Friday Night Lights'

Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler in "Friday Night Lights"

Don't hit the showers yet, football fans. Just because "Friday Night Lights" was a movie before it was a TV show (and a book before that!) doesn't mean it won't be headed back to the big screen.

Once again, a little birdie named Twitter is the source for our excitement. According to a Tweet from Grantland's EiC Bill Simmons, writer/director Peter Berg already has plans for a movie. TV Line's Michael Ausiello checked out the story and says it holds water. Get More »

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Before They Were Famous: Kyle Chandler In 'Pure Country'

Kyle Chandler in Pure Country
YouTube/Warner Bros.

Handsome, affable, and intense, Kyle Chandler has earned critical and popular acclaim thanks to his role as pressure-cooked Coach Taylor on TV's "Friday Night Lights." With the release of "Super 8," we suspect Chandler -- who co-stars in the film as deputy sheriff Jackson Lamb -- will be hailed as an "overnight sensation" by critics and audiences. If only they knew how long he's been up-and-coming!

Major stardom may have eluded him, but the Buffalo, NY native has been working steadily for nearly 20 years, landing meaty roles in blockbusters like "King Kong," "The Kingdom" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still." But before he dodged apes, angry football fans and Keanu Reeves, he was making moves on George Strait's tour bus in 1992's "Pure Country." Get More »

Have a Close Encounter of the J.J. Abrams Kind With 3 'Super 8' Clips

Super 8

Ever since J.J. Abrams began the campaign for "Super 8" last year with his trademark cryptic teasers, we've been on pins and needles for him to let the monster out of the box... literally.

Now that we're just moments away from witnessing what new devilry the "Lost"/"Star Trek" impresario and his cohort, producer Steven Spielberg, have in store for us, we've got three new clips from the sci-fi coming-of-age movie.

Equal parts "Stand By Me" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "Super 8" revolves around a group of young amateur filmmakers who accidentally capture footage of a... something... with their movie camera. All hell breaks loose, and you can bet we'll be there on June 10 to watch it all go down. Get More »

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