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'Kill Your Darlings' Trailer: Beat Gen Poets Gone Wild

One might suspect something creative and fancy pantsy was responsible for bringing together the bright poetic minds of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs at Columbia University in the mid-forties, but in actuality it was a rather twisty murder incident that ultimately made 'em bedfellows of the beat generation. Get More »

Daniel Radcliffe On His Gay Sex Scenes: What's The Big Deal?

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Sundance is in full swing and apparently so is Daniel Radcliffe, as all the buzz out of the annual festival seems to be about his turn as Allen Ginserg in the indie "Kill My Darlings." Or more specifically, about his gay sex scenes.

And Radcliffe really doesn't get the big deal.

"It's interesting that it's deemed shocking," he told MTV News. "For me, there's something very strange about that because we see straight sex scenes all the time. We've seen gay sex scenes before. I don't know why a gay sex scene should be any more shocking than a straight sex scene. Or both of them are equally un-shocking."

For more, check out this video or head to MTV.

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Next Factor Q&A: 'Lawless' Star Dane DeHaan

Dane DeHaan
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In many ways, Dane DeHaan is the emotional center of the gritty "Lawless," a Depression-era crime drama about the Virginia bootlegging operation of three brothers, played by Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Jason Clarke. DeHaan plays Cricket, a gentle soul who becomes a moonshine maker to assist his best friend Jack Bondurant (LaBeouf) and is later caught up in the extreme violence that occurs toward the end of Prohibition. The John Hillcoat-directed movie written by Nick Cave is based on a true story and opens in theaters on August 29.

Prior to "Lawless," DeHaan played a teen with extraordinary telekinetic powers in the found-footage film "Chronicle" and made an impression on TV shows like "True Blood" and "In Treatment." The 25-year-old up-and-comer chatted us up about the pain involved in playing Cricket in "Lawless" and his upcoming roles in two prestigious films. Get More »

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Elizabeth Olsen Prepares to 'Kill Your Darlings'

Elizabeth Olsen
Getty Images

Elizabeth Olsen is feeling the Beat.

The "Martha Marcy May Marlene" star is set to join Daniel Radcliffe in "Kill Your Darlings," a thriller that looks at how great art, creativity and community can spring from tragedy, according to Variety.

"Kill Your Darlings" tells the story of how a 1944 murder at Columbia University brought together the young writers who would spark the Beat Revolution. Olsen will be playing Edie Parker, the girlfriend of famed poet Jack Kerouac, with Radcliffe already signed on to play Kerouac's friend and colleague, Allen Ginsberg (who was recently played by James Franco in "Howl" and David Cross in "I'm Not There"). Get More »

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Daniel Radcliffe Will Howl as Ginsberg in 'Kill Your Darlings'

Getty Images

William Faulkner advised authors to "kill your darlings," but we're thinking this isn't quite what he meant.

Daniel Radcliffe's next role is rumored to be the famous poet Allen Ginsberg involved in the long-gestating "Kill Your Darlings," a film about three of the most important Beat generation figures and a curious murder.

"Darlings" is the story of Ginsberg and his friendship with Jack Kerouac and Lucien Carr, who is credited as being one of the founders of the Beat generation. Carr introduced many of the writers to each other; he even turned Ginsberg onto Rimbaud and was the first person to ever read a draft of "On the Road." Get More »

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