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The MTV Movie Awards vs. The Oscars: Which Was More Fun?

Getty Images Getty Images

Receiving an invitation to the Oscars is great. Receiving an invitation to the MTV Movie Awards is even better (that's right, even better). Receiving an invitation to both? Why, you've just hit your zenith as an actor. You've covered all bases. The old white people at the Academy think you're important, and the MTV generation thinks you're rad. Yes, rad.

But which of the two prestigious events did the following thespians enjoy more, by our perception?

Let's find out! Get More »

The 15 Loveliest Lady-Lady Love Scenes in Movies

Wild Things Columbia Pictures

Sometimes, two ladies make out with each other in major motion pictures. Other times, they not only make out with each other — they simulate sexual intercourse with each other. AND because the Internet exists, each of those instances is easily accessible to everybody with a computer, context-free. I know, right? And some people claim to be "pessimists?" (laughs to himself.) Get More »

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Hot People Looking Hot: Kerry Washington Photos

One could say that we're slaves to the beauty of "Django Unchained" star Kerry Washington.

Since her breakout role in 2001's "Save the Last Dance," Kerry's gorgeous kisser has been everywhere, even if you don’t remember it. She's had supporting roles in big films like "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" and "Ray," but her days of playing second fiddle are over.

Washington also stars as a savvy crisis manager in the ABC series, "Scandal," created by "Grey's Anatomy" mastermind Shonda Rhimes.

Check out our Hot People Looking Hot gallery of Kerry lookin' smokin' in movies and on the red carpet.

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The Devil Is in 'The Details' in This Trailer

The Weinstein Company

Who knew Spidey could be such a convincing existentialist?

Rescued from the dusty shelves at the Weinstein Company's island of misfit movies, Jacob Aaron Estes' 2011 Sundance Film Festival debut "The Details" has finally gotten a proper (albeit "unofficial") trailer, and all we can say is "metaphors much?"

In the dark comedy, Tobey Maguire stars opposite "The Hunger Games" star Elizabeth Banks as a one-half of a disillusioned married couple which suffers from pests which are not just tearing up their yard but also nimbly bringing to light the desolation of their marriage. Get More »

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Everything We Know About 'Django Unchained' So Far

Django Unchained
Weinstein Company

Quentin Tarantino making a Western sounds like the coolest coupling of director and genre since Scorsese noodled with the mafia, and judging from the rootin' tootin' trailer for "Django Unchained," it just might live up to our cinema-junkie expectations.

For his smash hit "Inglourious Basterds," Tarantino gave Jews their ultimate revenge fantasy by allowing Eli Roth to smoke Hitler, and we loved every minute of it. Now imagine him applying that same gonzo, pop culture-laden sensibility to a freed African-American slave riding dusty trails, scouting filthy saloons, or going up against heaps o' redneck crackers with itchy trigger fingers. Now you get the picture.

Here's all you should possibly know to get in the saddle with the "Pulp Fiction" maestro for his trip to the wild, wild ... South? Get More »

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These 3 Clips Are Worth 'A Thousand Words'

A Thousand Words

Eddie Murphy only has "A Thousand Words" left to say before his life ends, and you gotta figure half of them will be the seven you can't say on television.

That's the premise of the new comedy that features Murphy as a Hollywood literary agent who's all flash and no substance, forced to learn the value of what he says when each word leads him closer to doom. (It might have helped Murphy's pal Brett Ratner to learn that lesson before the whole Oscar fiasco.) The lovely Kerry Washington and master of hot tub time machines Clark Duke costar. Get More »

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Eddie Murphy's Trailer for 'A Thousand Words' Will Leave You Speechless


Eddie Murphy's comedy "A Thousand Words" has been gathering dust since 2008, but now it's got a release date and a trailer and everything.

Take a peek at the trailer below, which reunites the comedian with "Norbit" and "Meet Dave" conspirator director Brian Robbins and watch Eddie Murphy grapple with a curse that bestows him with a magical tree whose leaves fall off when he spouts BS. He only has a thousand leaves to go before he kicks the bucket. Get More »

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Kerry Washington Is 'Unchained' With 'Django' and Tarantino

Getty Images

Kerry Washington is one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood -- see her performances in "Ray" and "The Last King of Scotland" if you don't believe us -- but while she has had her moments in the sun, we've been waiting a long time for someone to really let her loose.

And it looks like Quentin Tarantino is the man for the job, because according to Deadline, Washington just got "Unchained." Get More »

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15 Movie Stars Heading to TV This Fall

Luke Wilson & Zooey Deschanel
Getty Images (2)

School is back in session and the summer movie season has wrapped, which means the pop-culture focus temporarily shifts to television until the annual slate of Oscar contenders and holiday blockbusters hit theaters.

This fall, though, you'll notice the new television season has a host of big movie stars transitioning to primetime, either for the first time, like Luke Wilson, or in a splashy return, like Ashton Kutcher.

While the majority of film actors are headlining high-profile series, a couple of them are lining up for key supporting roles in ensemble casts. Take a look at these 15 familiar faces and find out where you can catch them on the small screen this year. Get More »

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Exclusive Q&A: 'For Colored Girls' Star Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington
Getty Images

Let it be said: actress Kerry Washington is one of America's most beautiful women.

Possessing cheek bones to rival Jennifer Garner, lips that put Angelina Jolie to shame and legs like Tina Turner's back in the day, Washington is a bonafide babe. It's no wonder L'Oreal Paris came calling and made her one of their spokespeople alongside Eva Longoria and Beyoncé.

But the Bronx native isn't just a looker. The "Ray" star is an indie darling, a talented performer both on the silver screen and on stage, a passionate political activist involved in a number of causes, and graduate of George Washington University. In her latest role, as a social worker who witnesses unspeakable tragedy in Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls," Washington gives a typically powerful performance in a film chock full of them. Get More »

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