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Movie Stars Reveal Their Porn Star Names

The "porn star name game" is a time-honored tradition in America.

It's a game pretty much anyone can play, depending on the rules — we employ the First Name: First Pet, Last Name: Street You Grew Up On method (our apologies to those with allergies, maybe you had a goldfish?). And the results are, without fail, hilarious.

We asked over 100 of our favorite movie stars in Hollywood — including Channing Tatum, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, Ryan Gosling, Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Katie Holmes, Emma Stone and Neil Patrick Harris — for their porn star names. They did not let us down. Click through the gallery for all 100+.

Reporting by: Sandie Angulo Chen ("Millie 69"), Robert DeSalvo ("Rocky Waverly"), Claire Donovan ("Spunky Walter"), Elizabeth Durand ("Stephanie Veronica"), Bryan Enk ("Buck Densmore"), Max Evry ("Orion Cedar Crest "), Breanne Heldman ("Krugerrand Ardon"), Jenni Miller ("Mitzi Turtle Creek"), Kevin Polowy ("Sparkle Sterling"), Brandon Rae ("Sammi von Fernway"), Brooke Tarnoff ("Brandy W. Riviera"), Joanna Varikos ("Angel 14") and Kase Wickman ("Blake Sisters").

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'Austenland' Trailer: 'The Only Good Men Are Fictional'

Giddy up! It's time to hop on that trusty old steed and head out to "Austenland"!

The first trailer for Jerusha Hess' directorial debut, which she co-wrote alongside the book's author Shannon Hale, is in and man can we relate to Miss Jane Hayes (Keri Russell), whose fascination with the literary world of Jane Austen has left her single and totally unwilling to mingle with just any regular chap. Get More »

New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Dark Skies' and More

Dark Skies Dimension

This week: Something otherworldly is tormenting the poor Barretts in "Dark Skies," the sci-fi horror film starring Josh Hamilton, Keri Russell, Dakota Goyo and Kadan Rockett as a suburban family under siege by nasty alien visitors.

Also new this week is the 2010 Irish road-trip indie film "My Brothers" and the compelling drama "Lore" starring young Saskia Rosendahl as a German girl wandering post-WWII Europe with her siblings after their Nazi parents are interred by the Allies. Get More »

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Keri Russell Greets the 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'

Keri Russell Getty Images

"Felicity" reunion!

Keri Russell, star of the television series that was kind of the '90s version of HBO's "Girls," will be reuniting with series creator Matt Reeves for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," according to Heat Vision.

This isn't the first time that Russell's old Bad Robot connections have paid off, as she previously co-starred with Tom Cruise in the J.J. Abrams-directed "Mission: Impossible III." She was recently seen in the alien abduction horror flick, "Dark Skies," and is currently starring in the acclaimed FX series, "The Americans." Get More »

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Questions and Answers With Keri Russell

Getty Images Getty Images

It's time to get past the haircut. Keri Russell certainly has.

In fact, the former "Felicity" star has moved so far beyond her famous pixie cut that she's now realizing that there's something else out there — namely, aliens. That's right, Russell's latest project is the sci-fi/horror film "Dark Skies." She plays a mother under siege from all angles: financial, familial and supernatural. When strange things start happening, such as her youngest son claiming visits from "the sandman," unexplained items moving inexplicably throughout the house and scary episodes she can't remember, Russell's character takes matters into her own hands, to thrilling result.

NextMovie sat down with Russell in New York City ahead of the movie to discuss her thoughts on aliens, the time she almost drowned while hanging out with Anthony Kiedis and, yes, the haircut. Get More »

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Aliens Are the New Ghosts in 'Dark Skies' Trailer

Dark Skies Dimension Films

Just when we were learning how to deal with the whole "Paranormal Activity" thing comes a brand new home-invading menace to freak us out all over again.

Little grey men laugh at your silly home alarm system in "Dark Skies," the new sci-fi thriller in which a suburban family becomes targeted by aliens that like to make abstract art installations with kitchen appliances and inspire flocks of birds to commit mass suicide against the living room window. Get More »

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David Duchovny Stares at 'Goats' in New Trailer

David Duchovny in "Goats"
Red Crown Productions

Goats: They're everywhere. So why aren't there more movies about them?

That's a question that movie fans have been puzzling over for decades, but everyone who loves goats can rest a little easier today, because there's a brand new trailer for the David Duchovny indie "Goats" — and there are plenty of the titular can-eating, bearded mountain sheep to be had.

You're welcome. Get More »

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GALLERY: Hot Pregos Looking Hot

You've often heard women who are pregnant say they've never felt more feminine or sexier. But how does that work when they're just acting like they're pregnant?

With the group of pregnancies being showcased in the new ensemble comedy "What to Expect When You're Expecting," with Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Brooklyn Decker and Anna Kendrick all with child, we decided to take a look at some other movies where hot actresses are sporting a baby bump on screen.

Just how hot are they within those nine months leading up to the big event? You be the judge.

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