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The 25 Youngest Oscar Nominees of All Time

Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit

When does a child actor stop being merely precocious and enter the pantheon of acting gods? You know the gods of which we speak; they look down from their mighty pedestals as we shower them with tributes year after year… THE OSCAR NOMINEES.

Well, in order to walk through that threshold into Hollywood's elite circle, these young folks have to have chops, serious chops. Or be really, really cute. Either way, it takes sacrifice, hard work and possibly some crazy-ass stage parents. Get More »

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Our 9 Favorite (Movie) Virgins


Virginity. It's the biggest thing you've ever lost… or will lose (just hang in there).

In some cultures, parents of a new bride will parade her sheets through town to prove the honeymoon night is her first time. Luckily, in America, we opt for our public displays of virginity and the loss thereof to be portrayed fictionally on film.

The latest to join the ranks are this month's "The Virginity Hit" and "Easy A." Get More »

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