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9 Actors Who Play the Same Character in Every Movie

Redemption Lionsgate

Hang in Hollywood long enough, and you're bound to be typecast every now and then.

But for some actors, playing to type isn't just laziness or the final tremors of a fading career. Keeping their characters close to home is just what they do best, or at least what keeps the money flowing. And anyway, would you really want to see Jason Statham falling head-over-heels for Katherine Heigl in some lame romantic comedy? Neither would we. Get More »

Trailer: A Bunch of Big Stars Have a 'Big Wedding' to Attend

The Big Wedding Lionsgate

You can pretty much always tell a good rom-com from a bad rom-com just by looking at the cast. After all, most of these things have some preposterous plot contrivance and then a bunch of life lessons, so it's not the story that's going to make a film original, it's the performances.

And that being the case, you really should check out the new trailer for "The Big Wedding," because it has a rom-com cast to absolutely die for. Get More »

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GALLERY: Hot Pregos Looking Hot

You've often heard women who are pregnant say they've never felt more feminine or sexier. But how does that work when they're just acting like they're pregnant?

With the group of pregnancies being showcased in the new ensemble comedy "What to Expect When You're Expecting," with Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Brooklyn Decker and Anna Kendrick all with child, we decided to take a look at some other movies where hot actresses are sporting a baby bump on screen.

Just how hot are they within those nine months leading up to the big event? You be the judge.

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Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Adopt Baby Number 2!

Getty Images

The Heigl-Kelley clan is growing by one! It's just been confirmed that Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley have adopted a baby, Just Jared reports. The couple, who wed in 2007, adopted their first child, Naleigh, from South Korea back in 2009.

So, why adopt? To paraphrase Heigl... why not?

The 33-year-old actress explained, "There's nothing about it that makes it any less meaningful of a relationship in my mind. I don't think it's for everybody, and I don't think everybody should adopt," she added. "I'm not some crazy idealist. It's not about the cause for me. But I do think no one should ever rule it out." Get More »

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Katherine Heigl Falls Victim to 'Happytime Murders'

Getty Images

We don't think we've ever heard the phrase "film noir puppet comedy" before today.

But it sounds like there's no better way to describe "The Happytime Murders," the cast of which "Knocked Up" star Katherine Heigl is in talks to join in one of the lead (human) roles, according to Variety. Get More »

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Katherine Heigl's Going In 'Face Blind'

Getty Images

Looks like Katherine Heigl has been reading Next Movie! (Disclaimer: She may, in fact, not be reading Next Movie.) But that's neither here nor there.

We suggested the flaxen-haired beauty should take a break from the romantic comedy circuit — temporarily, at least — and now she's set to star in "Face Blind," which is… (drum roll, please) a thriller!

The story follows a psychologist (Heigl) who has a rare affliction that makes it impossible for her to distinguish people by their faces. And you thought you were bad with names. Get More »

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Dear Katherine Heigl, Please Step Away From the Romantic Comedies

One for the Money

Ms. Heigl -- er, Katherine? Can we call you, Katherine? Great. That makes this a bit easier. Sit down. Relax. We're afraid we lured you here under a bit of a false pretense. This isn't a "Roswell" reunion at all. It's an intervention.

No, no! Don't get up. We care about you. That's why we're doing this. We want you to be the best actress you can be. We want you to be one of the greats, Katherine. But to do that, you've got to do one thing: Stop making romantic comedies. Get More »

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'One for the Money' Rocks Some Plum Fashion

Even a bail-bondsmen can look good while on the job. Just look at Katherine Heigl's Stephanie Plum in "One for the Money."

From her curly locks to her bright attire, Stephanie matches her attire to her sassy attitude that we can't help but to admire.

And Stephanie isn't the only stylish character in "One for the Money." Joe Morelli (Jason O'Mara), Ranger (Daniel Sunjata), and even Grandma Mazur (Debbie Reynolds) all make killer fashion statements.

Not sure what we mean? It's no mystery! Check out the latest Get the Goods and see for yourself.

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'One For the Money,' 10 For the Free Loot in Our Giveaway


You know the old saying: "It's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and 10 for the free loot."

Or at least, that's how we're approaching our new giveaway, as we're going to be providing ten lucky winners with some sweet swag to celebrate the release of the hot new Katherine Heigl mystery adventure "One For the Money."

Looks like the case of the happy movie fans just got solved. Get More »

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15 Blondes Gone Brunette on the Big Screen

Everyone knows blondes have more fun. Right? Has anyone ever really researched this, or did someone (a blonde, we're betting) just make that up and say it enough times that eventually people accepted it as truth?

Well, wonder no more, because we've done some (very scientific) research -- and things are looking up for ladies with tresses from chestnut to chocolate and everything in between. So as Katherine Heigl prepares to hit the big screen as a brunette in "One for the Money," we at NextMovie have compiled our own list of Hollywood golden girls who have dabbled on the dark(er) side.

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