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K-Stew Heads To Gitmo, Unrelated to 'SWATH'

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Kristen Stewart seems desperate to be considered a "serious actress," and she's lined up a pair of projects she plans to shoot this summer that reinforce this idea to the extreme. Hopefully this new commitment to seriousness will result in more formal public speaking outings where she doesn't spend most of the time stuttering, faking surprise, or dramatically tucking her hair behind her ears. Sigh. We can dream. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Looper' and More

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Looper" Sony

This week: Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a mob hit man who has a crisis of conscience when his latest target is his future self (Bruce Willis) in the sci-fi thriller "Looper," directed by Rian Johnson.

Also new this week is the latest David Cronenberg movie, "Cosmopolis," starring Robert Pattinson as a billionaire drifting through New York City in his limo, as well as the Blu-ray of "School of Rock," now available in stores everywhere. Get More »

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Oscar's French Connection

The Artist
The Weinstein Company

The unofficial theme of the 2012 awards season could be "Vive la France," with the French-helmed "The Artist" picking up dozens of awards and going into Oscar night with 10 nominations, second only to 11 nods for "Hugo."

The movie has picked up wins for director Michel Hazanavicius and leading man Jean Dujardin at the BAFTAs, Critics Choice, Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild Awards, as well as a multitude of trophies for the film, its score, art direction, editing and costumes. It's not just picking up steam, it's a veritable awards locomotive.

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With "The Artist" positioned so strongly for the Academy Awards, and its key players, including nominated costar Bérénice Bejo, being French (even though the film was shot entirely in Los Angeles, where it is set during the dawn of the talkies), we decided to take a look at the roster of other French talent that has broken out of the foreign film category to become part of Oscar history. Get More »

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Eva Mendes Gets Ready For Her 'Holly Motors' Close Up

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Well, sort of. Eva Mendes, probably best known for her role in the Will Smith comedy "Hitch," is about to get serious.

Word on the street is that the brunette beauty will shoot scenes next month for the upcoming film, "Holly Motors," from director Leos Carax (the French guy auteur behind the notorious "Pola X" and "Les Amants du Pont Neuf").

According to Hollywood Wire Tap, the drama follows a day in the life of a young actor (played by Denis Lavant) as he moves from one set to another, sharing scenes with various partners. Get More »

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Juliette Binoche And Mathieu Amalric Join 'Cosmopolis'

Juliette Binoche
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Hey, at least someone wants to be in David Cronenberg's new movie!

Robert Pattinson seems doomed to never have a bride in the adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel, "Cosmopolis," as Marion Cotillard has dropped out of the project to have a baby and Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method" star Keira Knightley was... well, apparently never involved with the project at any point at all, really. Get More »

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French Actor Slams French Actress; Oh, It Is ON

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For the last 20 years, Gerard Depardieu has been busting his chops in a still-futile effort to become a Hollywood A-list star. Sure, he's gotten some leading roles -- hello, "Green Card" -- yet he's never managed to have quite the same success stateside as he enjoys back in his homeland of France.

But you know who has? Juliette Binoche. And boy, is Depardieu pissed about it. Get More »

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