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Sylvester Stallone's 10 Cheesiest Lines Ever

Bullet to the Head Warner Bros.

By now you've probably seen the ad for Sylvester Stallone's "Bullet to the Head" in which the following exchange happens:

[Stallone murders a bad guy.]
Stallone sidekick (aghast): "You don't just kill a guy like that!"
Stallone (satisfied): "I just did."

This type of scene is ubiquitous in the Stallone canon; either a nobody supporting character serves up an alley-oop that Stallone confidently finishes (not unlike the above exchange) or Stallone delivers the gold by himself. Either way, we're all winners. Get More »

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Q&A: 'Dredd' a Dream Role for Olivia Thirlby


Olivia Thirlby Getty Images

 Olivia Thirlby is ready for action.

A year after fighting off hostile aliens in the little-seen "Darkest Hour," the native New Yorker best known for her work in indie faves "Juno" and "The Wackness" is judging, jurying and executing in "Dredd 3D," a reboot of the 2000AD comic starring Karl Urban in the role Sylvester Stallone once proved expendable.

The difference? There are no Razzies in store for this edition. The film's getting great reviews, and Thirlby's (blonde!) Dredd sidekick Anderson is a large part of why the film whoops serious butt. She told us all about bringing the pain in "Dredd." Get More »

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5 Questions With 'Dredd 3D' Star Karl Urban

Karl Urban Getty Images

Chances are you grew up watching "The Simpsons." So imagine what it'd be like if one day you were offered a role playing Bart (or Maggie) Simpson in a Hollywood blockbuster. Hey, it could happen …

That's sort of what's happened to Karl Urban. The action star best known as Éomer in "Lord of the Rings" and Bones in 2009's "Star Trek" grew up reading the "Judge Dredd" comics as a youth in New Zealand. Now, some 20-odd years later, he's the man behind the mask in the buzzed-about reboot "Dredd 3D."

And no, unlike with Sly Stallone's unfortunate 1995 version of "Judge Dredd," you will not see Urban's full face in this movie. Get More »

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50 Upcoming Movie Remakes (Yep, 50!)

Dirty Dancing
Vestron Pictures

Whenever a movie studio announces plans for another remake, the reaction among fans and pundits is always the same: Hollywood doesn't have any new ideas.

But we like to look on the bright side of things, which is why we're so happy when we hear of a cool remake or reboot. Hey, who needs new ideas when there are already so many great old ideas waiting to be rediscovered?

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of 50 — that's right, 50! — upcoming Hollywood remakes that tickle our fancy. Because if these films were good the first time, you never know, you might just enjoy them even more the second time around. Get More »

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10 Things We Need To See at Comic-Con

Warner Bros.

I've got a box of Clif Bars, a toothbrush and some unread issues of the "New 52." I'm ready for the lines, odors and sunstroke of San Diego Comic-Con.

This will be my sixth visit, so in Con years that makes it... I dunno, my hundreth. All I know is that, every year, I swear it will be my last, then I return. It's like that scene in "Black Hawk Down" when Eric Bana, exhausted from the fight, runs back into enemy territory to continue rescue operations. Only, you know, a little more heroic.

There are dozens of movies (and shows and comics and web series) that'll be pitched at SDCC. Here are the ten I'm most excited about. Get More »

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‘Judge Dredd’ Remake Villain is (Likely) Lena Headey


Someone's back, and this time it's not Arnold.

"Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles" star Lena Headey has reportedly been cast as the lead villainness in the new 3-D "Judge Dredd" movie.

The smoldering actress will play Madeline Madrigal, aka Ma-Ma, the leader of a gang that has taken over the Peach Tree City Block—which has some people scratching their heads. In the script, Ma-Ma is described as being "in her late fifties or early sixties with a big scar through her cheek and lip," Total Film recounts. Get More »

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