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'RoboCop' Trailer: The Future of American Justice

The year 2028 doesn't sound that terribly far away, but a lot can happen in 15 years, people (just ask anyone who remembers the '98 film scene what they think about Hollywood's big re-make machine today).

In the case of "RoboCop," an arguably unnecessary re-tooling of the 1987 award-winning original, technology has advanced to the point that a half-dead police officer can be revived by way of machinery and computerized mind control to become an ass-kicking cyborg who/which does the bidding for this big, evil corporation OmniCorp ... that is, until his even more powerful sense of self-governance sets in and starts to glitch up the system.

Dun dun dunnnnn! Get More »

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'The Killing' Star Becomes Killing Machine in 'RoboCop' Remake

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It looks like we better come quietly or there will be trouble when "The Killing" star Joel Kinnaman inks the deal for his latest flick.

The actor, who most recently starred opposite Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington in "Safe House," is being courted to play the iconic robot crime fighter in MGM's remake of sci-fi adventure "RoboCop."

Deadline reports that the star has been offered the title role in the film, helmed by Brazilian director Jose Padilha, the man behind 2007 action thriller "Elite Squad" and its 2010 sequel. Get More »

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Michael Fassbender For 'Robocop?' You Have 20-Seconds To Comply

Michael Fassbender
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Just this year actor/handsome fella Michael Fassbender has starred in "Jane Eyre," "X-Men: First Class," "A Dangerous Method," and "Shame," so he's already basically proven he's an acting machine. Now he may just cement that.

With shooting scheduled to ramp up at the beginning of next year, director José Padilha ("Elite Squad" 1 and 2) has told Brazillian TV channel Globo 1 that he wants none other than Mr. Fassbender to be his Alex Murphy in the remake of "Robocop." Get More »

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