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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Skyfall' and More


This week: Daniel Craig returns as 007 in arguably the best Bond film ever (or at least in decades), "Skyfall," co-starring Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw.

Also new this week is the coming-of-age drama "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" with Emma Watson, RZA trying to do Quentin Tarantino proud in "The Man with the Iron Fists" and the sexually frank drama "The Sessions" starring Helen Hunt. Get More »

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13 Awesome Dudes You Didn't Realize Were in 'Lincoln'


When you've got a big, sprawling historical epic like Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," all the attention tends to swirl around the lead, particularly when you've got such a magnetic one in the form of multiple Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis playing the man behind the beard.

But who are the men behind the man behind the beard?

"Lincoln" boasts one of the most impressive supporting casts in recent memory, and, since many of them are going untrumpeted in the trailers and media attention surrounding the film, we've got them front and center so you can keep an eye out for 'em as Day-Lewis chews the scenery. Get More »

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Helen Hunt and John Hawkes Awe in 'The Sessions'

Helen Hunt in "The Sessions" Fox Searchlight

An unqualified triumph at this year's Sundance Film Festival (where it nabbed both the Audience and Special Jury Prize awards), "The Sessions" has the surefire potential to go all the way. And, by that, we mean to the Oscars, baby.

Based on the autobiographical writings of California-based journalist and poet Mark O'Brien, "The Sessions" tells O'Brien's story of how he made the most out of his life, despite being hindered by an iron lung. At the outset of the drama, written and directed by Ben Lewin, O'Brien (an Oscar-worthy John Hawkes giving the performance of his career) confides in his priest (William H. Macy) that he's determined to finally lose his virginity at 38 years old. To his surprise, his priest eggs him on, leading to an appointment with Cheryl, a professional sex surrogate (a brave and unforgettable Helen Hunt making a huge comeback), to help make O'Brien's dream a reality. Get More »

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'The Sessions' Trailer: Sex in an Iron Lung

Helen Hunt and John Hawkes in "Six Sessions"
Fox Searchlight

By now, you're probably pretty much familiar with the birds and the bees. After all, it's pretty much a universal experience: Boy meets girl (or another boy, whichever), the two fall in love, one thing leads to another and then the next thing you know you're stuck in an iron lung for the rest of your life hoping a sex therapist can save your soul.

Or ... actually, maybe that experience is more specific than universal. Guess you'll just have to watch the new trailer for "The Sessions" to find out, huh? Get More »

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15 Films to See at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

2 Days in New York
Magnolia Pictures

It's Year 11 for the Tribeca Film Festival, and it looks like the fest created by Robert De Niro is hitting its stride.

The 11-day event, which takes place April 18-29, has always been known for its flashy red- carpet premieres (this year's fest is bookended with the comedy "The Five-Year Engagement" and Marvel's latest “The Avengers”) and fun family fare (free Drive In screenings of "Jaws" and "The Goonies"). Tribeca is also branching out into the online world: For its second year, the festival will screen a handful of titles from this year's Tribeca Online Film Festival as well as stream some of its panels.

But if you like to watch your movies the old-fashioned way (in the theater), here are 15 titles from this year's fest that we think you should check out. Get More »

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Mos Def and John Hawkes Do Time For 'Jackie Brown' Prequel

Mos Def
Getty Images

Now this is what Quentin Tarantino himself would call "cool."

Mos Def and John Hawkes are preparing to channel a younger Samuel L. Jackson and Robert De Niro as they've signed on to star in "The Switch," the prequel to Tarantino's "Jackie Brown," according to Variety. Get More »

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Elizabeth Olsen Wows in Slow-Burning 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Fox Searchlight

Mary-Kate and Ashley had better watch their backs -- there’s a new Olsen girl on the scene.

Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister to the most famous twins in America, makes her feature-film acting debut in the Sundance award winner "Martha Marcy May Marlene," and it's the type of performance sure to garner awards recognition and lots of attention. Call it the Jennifer Lawrence phenomenon. Get More »

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15 Shockers from the 2011 Oscar Nominations

Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

As expected, "The King's Speech" reigned over this year's Oscar nominees, and Natalie Portman and James Franco received their Best Actress and Actor nods for "Black Swan" and "127 Hours," respectively.

Still, as always, there were plenty of surprises and snubs that had us raising our eyebrows: "The Town" was shut down, Mark Wahlberg and Andrew Garfield were somehow left out of the party, and Mila Kunis is probably drowning her sorrows at the barre.

Our nominations for the biggest shockers:
Get More »

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