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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Avengers Assembled' and More

Iron Man in "Marvel's The Avengers" Marvel Films

This week: The long-delayed "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One — Avengers Assembled" box set with "Marvel's The Avengers," "Thor," "Captain America: The First Avenger," "Iron Man," "Iron Man 2" and "The Incredible Hulk" plus geek-worthy collectibles is finally here.

Also new this week is the urban coming-of-age drama "LUV," the bath-salts crazy "John Dies at the End" and the horror-comedy "Stitches" featuring a killer clown. Get More »

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9 Movies With Titles That Spoil Their Own Ending

Jack the Giant Killer Warner Bros.

A fun joke to have told your friends around the time that "Titanic" came out was, "Spoiler alert: The boat hits the iceberg!" I'm sure many, many people used that joke during the mid to late '90s, and all of them reaped the many benefits which followed, from more friends to more respect to a deeper appreciation of themselves as people.

Hell, making that joke even started Barack Obama's political career!

Indeed, not every movie is enjoyed just for its surprise ending. Some movie endings, in fact, are even built right into the title.

Here are nine that ask you to enjoy the journey, not the destination. Get More »

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What's the Deal With 'John Dies at the End'?


Years before I ever gassed up my rocket and launched to Planet Fanboy, I lived on Planet Undergrad. While there, some no-good kids with neon green hair (it was the 1990s) gave me some poisoned pizza toppings and it made the music all echoey and I walked like I just stepped out of the Mystery Machine.

As the night turned to dawn, someone slipped in a VHS tape (oy) of a movie called “Phantasm” and I swear to you it took a little bit of my sanity with it. It ends with our main character dragged through a portal to a fiery alternate universe with freakish dwarves, diabolical tall men and silver spheres that fly around and drill into peoples' heads. After that, there's this other strange scene played out where my friends are telling me to breathe into a paper bag, playing a a CD of rainwater hitting a metal roof and just repeating “chill, chill, chill.” Get More »

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January Movie Math: Breaking Down the New Releases

Ryan Gosling in "Gangster Squad" Warner Bros.

Ah, 2013. Breathe in that sweet, fresh, new year air. You're walking in a winter wonderland. Everything is new. A sense of possibility! A sense of having no clue what any of these January releases are about.

It's true: We've all been so wrapped up in hustling to see November and December's awards contenders before Hollywood's sparkliest posse gathers to repeatedly congratulate its members that we totally forgot that there are new movies coming out. "'Mama'? What's that?" you may think, puzzling over the coming soon roster. "Sounds sweet."

Gentle movie enthusiast, come with us. We'll guide you through January's new releases and show you the light, movie math style. Click ahead for our simple arithmetic breakdowns of the coming attractions.

(And for the record, "Mama" is not sweet. It's 98 percent likely to scare the living bejeezus out of you and undo whatever goodwill you may harbor toward Jessica Chastain after "The Help.") Get More »

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Next Factor Q&A: 'Chasing Mavericks' Star Jonny Weston

Jonny Weston Getty Images

You may recognize Jonny Weston as one of the zombies in "John Dies at the End" or as the ex-boyfriend of an up-and-coming porn star in "About Cherry," but the 24-year-old is making big waves this weekend with his first leading role.

In the biopic "Chasing Mavericks," Weston plays surf legend Jay Moriarty. At the young age of 16, Moriarty became infamous for riding the Mavericks in Santa Cruz, Calif., one of the world's most dangerous surfing destinations. Weston has more than just the blonde, blue-eyed good looks and acting chops to portray Moriarty — he also happens to be an avid surfer with all the right skills for the part. 

We had the chance to chat with Weston about his breakout role in "Chasing Mavericks" as well as his board-riding skills and audition experiences while paving the way to Hollywood. Get More »

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Trailer: Don't Let the Title Spoil It, But 'John Dies at the End'

M3 Creative

One of the biggest disappointments in the world is finding out how a movie ends before you hit the theater. That is, of course, unless you're waiting to see the "John Dies at the End," based on the David Wong novel of the same name.

Despite the spoiler title, the movie trailer, which premiered at Fantastic Fest today, will leave audiences scratching their heads even if they already know that John bought the farm. Get More »

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