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Planet Fanboy's Best Moments of 2012


2012 is all over and the Mayan prophecy killed us all. Luckily, we at Planet Fanboy slipped this into our system prior to the day we all died, so the cockroaches have something to read as they feast on our corpses. So pull up a seat, Scritchy and Scratchy, and learn about the year that was.

2012 opened nicely. Qui-Gon Jinn looked death in the eye and slowly let death win in "The Grey." But he did it in a very picturesque way while reciting poetry in his head, so it made for a terrific movie.

George Lucas finally let loose with his "Red Tails" project and it wasn't very good but we all got to shrug our shoulders and say "well, that is absolutely the last time George Lucas will make any news this year." Get More »

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The 10 Worst Movies of 2012

John Carter / Snow White and the Huntsman / That's My Boy Disney / Universal / Sony

As we established in our list of the 25 Best Movies of 2012, it was a pretty great year at the multiplexes.

But in what you are about to read below, well, there is no "good."

Some of these actually didn't do too badly in the box office and one might incite some rage from a certain fan army (sorry guys, but our whole staff agreed!), but either way, we want to know what you think. Read up on our 10 clunkers of 2012 and hit up the comments section below with your two cents. Get More »

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13 Things We're Thankful For This Year

Despite hurricanes, earthquakes and every movie Taylor Kitsch made, 2012 has been a bounty of riches.

And, since it's Thanksgiving and all, we feel it's high time we took a moment to give thanks for those things (and people!) that have made this year so epically special.

So, without further ado...

1. 'Magic Mike,' for bringing sexy back.

2. Ben Affleck, for growing up to be a damn fine director. Who'd a guessed it?

3. Robert Pattinson, for teaching us what it looks like to truly feel.


4. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, for being super-cute and super-cool at the same time.

5. Javier Bardem, for being one of the Best. Bond. Villains. Ever.

6. The riff-off! (From 'Pitch Perfect')


7. The Hulk, for smashing.

8. Stephen Chbosky, for adapting and directing his own book, and thus making a near-perfect film.

9. Bruce Willis, for always looking so darn confused.


10. Bill Murray, for his various offscreen cameos around the world.

11. 'Twilight,' for ending.

12. 'John Carter,' for being such a great punchline.


13. Ryan Gosling, for living.

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Andrew Stanton Not Sleeping With the Fishes, Directing 'Finding Nemo 2' Instead

Buena Vista

After director Andrew Stanton's live action debut, "John Carter," turned into one of the biggest and highest profile bombs of all time earlier this year — the film caused Disney to write off a $200 million loss — you might think that his career is officially sleeping with the fishes. And you'd be right. Just not in the way you expect.

That's because, according to Deadline, Stanton is returning to the Pixar womb that birthed him as director of "Finding Nemo 2." Looks like Disney is even better at forgetting the mistakes of the past than Dory. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'John Carter' and More

John Carter

This week: Disney's big-budget Martian adventure "John Carter" works better at home, where repeated viewings help one keep all the alien characters and their alliances straight.

Also new this week is the action blockbuster "Safe House" with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington, the family adventure "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island," and the Blu-ray debut of the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." Get More »

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Enter for the Chance to Win a 'John Carter' Blu-ray Prize Pack


Are you ready for a giveaway 100 years in the making?

To help celebrate a full century of thrills and chills from Edgar Rice Burroughs' sci-fi hero John Carter, we're going to be giving three lucky space cadets a fantastic prize pack including a slew of "John Carter" goodies including Disney's epic big screen adaptation on Blu-ray.

Looks like your entertainment future begins right now. Get More »

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GALLERY: 'Battleship' Star Taylor Kitsch Sinks Our Hearts

Clear eyes. Full heart. SO HOT.

We're glad to see "Battleship" and "Savages" star Taylor Kitsch making it on the big screen, though we'll always remember where we met him: the high school football field of Dillon, Texas.

Now that the "Friday Night Lights" star has graduated to the world of movies, we thought this was the right time to check out his performance in his new summer blockbuster movie ... and his even more compelling performance on the red carpet.

Because he's really gorgeous, get it?

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'John Carter' Faceplants at the Box Office

John Carter

The lead character of Disney's sci-fi epic "John Carter" may have amazing powers, like jumping incredibly high and being able to throw huge boulders, but there's one power even he cannot overcome: The power of the mustache.

Yes, according to, "The Lorax" once again topped the box office this weekend, pulling in an estimated $39 million dollars. "John Carter," meanwhile, fell flat with just $30 million domestically, a tidy sum that looks significantly smaller when compared to the film's huge $250 million budget.

So can international receipts save "John Carter?" For the full box office report, including new horror release "Silent House" and returning hits "Project X" and "Act of Valor," head to

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The 20 Sexiest Sci-Fi Babes

Taylor Kitsch as "John Carter," the Confederate captain who finds himself transported to Mars, is certainly a sight to behold (rippling abs, etc). But if anyone can rival him for hottest life on Mars, it's Lynn Collins as princess Dejah Thoris. If we'd known Martians were this sexy, we would colonized the planet years ago, are we right?

Collins is just the latest instance of sexy femininity in sci-fi, a legacy that stretches back decades and encompasses everything from bikini-clad bounty hunters to pleasure robots. Take a look at 20 of the hottest sci-fi sirens to grace the silver screen.

Originally published December 8, 2010.

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'Shawn Carter Of Mars' Justifies John Carter's Thug


It's the Roc in the building … Dejah, Sola, Tars in the house. Yes, live from Barsoom, City of Helium, it's ya boy, Young. The Martians is in the house.

As the huge-scale sci-fi rumpus "John Carter" drops into theaters, it seems kind of fitting that the title Confederate soldier should get a hip hop remix starring Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay-Z. HOV! Get More »

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