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Hollywood's 13 Best Commencement Speeches

Getty Images Getty Images

Some of us just yawned and obsessed over the ticking of the clock during our far-too-long commencement speeches. Whatever maniac decided that so-and-so's wife's something or other who didn’t even graduate is equipped to send students off with a 30-minute diatribe on themselves is sorely mistaken. Just dole out the degrees already and call a day a day, right, kids? Unless ...

You know, every so often schools are able to wrangle in someone actually interesting to deliver a few notes of wisdom — some more often than others (cough Harvard cough). Even better, once in a while they're our very shiniest movie stars who make lots of funnies and deliver all the feels and suddenly the speeches don't seem so bad. Get More »

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Oscar-Nominated Kids Who Tried to Become Adult Stars

Saoirse Ronan in "The Host" Open Road Films

"The Host" hits theaters this week, and for many fans it's a chance to see whether the popular Stephanie Meyer novel can become a pop culture phenomenon like "The Twilight Saga" did before it.

But for other film buffs, "The Host" represents something else: The continuing development of star Saoirse Ronan, who famously earned an Oscar nomination for 2007's "Atonement" at the age of 13. Will "The Host" finally turn her into an A-lister and ensure that she avoids the child star curse ... or will she become the latest of Oscar's children to experience their biggest career highlight before being legally able to drive? Get More »

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Jodie Foster 'Came Out a Thousand Years Ago,' Sort Of Does it Again at Globes

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The only preannounced award at Sunday night's (January 13) Golden Globes, Jodie Foster's Cecil B. Demille Award for a lifetime of achievement, made a very unexpected turn when the Academy Award-winning actress and director took an opportunity to address her life-long struggles with living in the public eye, especially when it comes to her sexuality.

After an introduction from Robert Downey Jr., Foster's speech began with a high-energy "Saturday Night Live" quote. "I'm 50! I'm 50!" she shouted triumphantly. Get More »

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Jodie Foster Blasts the K.Stew-R.Pattz Drama

Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster
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Sometimes it's good to have friends in high places — like if you're Kristen Stewart, and you got caught cheating on your boyfriend (with a much older, married man) and your fans are… let's just say… disappointed in you. Then it's nice to have someone come to your defense, especially if that someone happens to be Jodie Foster, one of the most respected actresses in the world.

Guess it's K.Stew's lucky day, because that's exactly what Foster has done, in a passionate and (dare we say) angry editorial in The Daily Beast. Get More »

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Look For Beckinsale, Biel and Foster at the MTV Movie Awards

Kate Beckinsale
Getty Images

It's never too late to be a presenter at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards!

Two days before the latest installment in the Golden Popcorn chronicles is set to commence, three new additions have appeared on the presenters roster: Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Jodie Foster, according to MTV News. Get More »

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The 9 Baddest Muthas In Movies

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vol. 1

If there's one rule governing the animal kingdom, it's this: You do not mess with Mom. Ever. If you come between a mama and her cub, you will lose. They're the most terrifying force in the animal kingdom, and they'll do anything to protect their babies.

Of course, you don't need science to tell you that. You know Mom can always be counted on to swoop in like a cookie-baking Batman, knock out a bully, and take you home for story time. (That reminds us, have you bought her a present yet?)

Movies may not get a lot right (physics, romance, book adaptations), but for the most part, they do right by moms. Especially tough moms. Cinema is packed with gun-toting, take-no-prisoners, willing-to-die mothers, and they're all so inspiring that we hated cutting it off at 9. But we did, and here are the Baddest Muthas in Movies. Add your own at #10. Get More »

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9 English-Speaking Stars Who Got Subtitled

Casa de mi Padre
Pantelion Films

In "Casa de mi Padre" Will Ferrell plays a Mexican rancher in the middle of one seriously loco drug war. In order to commit fully to the role, the "Anchorman" star spent months brushing up on his language skills for the entirely Spanish-language comedy.

That's a lot of effort for a few laughs. But Ferrell is in good company with the following actors who took their performances to the next level by speaking in a foreign tongue, be it for a couple scenes or an entire film. Get More »

Mel Gibson Leaves It to 'The Beaver' on DVD and Blu-ray

The Beaver DVD

No one can accuse director Jodie Foster's "The Beaver" of being just another dysfunctional-family drama when it features Mad Max himself (Mel Gibson) on the verge of madness as he communicates with others via a beaver hand puppet. Foster, who has been a good friend of Gibson's for the past 15 years, obviously believed in the troubled actor enough to give him one of the most unusual -- and challenging -- roles of his career.

Gibson stars as Walter Black, the successful CEO of a toy company and family man, who has fallen into a crippling depression. Get More »

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New Trailer Is Two Minutes Of Pure 'Carnage'


When your director is controversial fugitive from justice Roman Polanski, your film is pretty much guaranteed to have a level of carnage -- but the trailer for his latest film takes things to a whole new level.

Yes, the brand new trailer for the upcoming black comedy "Carnage" is here and judging from the all-star cast (Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly) it looks as though a little bit of carnage now and again is good for the soul. The soul of movie fans everywhere, that is. Get More »

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Gallery: Child Stars All Grown Up

Well, well -- look at what a few years will do. Seems like just yesterday Freddie Highmore was scampering around movies like "Finding Neverland" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" as a sweet, precocious youngster. But in "The Art of Getting By," co-starring Emma Roberts, he's back and (almost) all grown up.

We're overjoyed to see the fantastically talented Highmore return to the limelight, and more to the point, join the legion of famous former child stars who've reinvented their careers as adults. Check out the members of this esteemed club.

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