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'The Avengers:' 8 Things You May Have Missed the First Time Around

The Avengers Marvel/Disney

"The Avengers" arrives on Blu-ray this week and, as you might expect, it's chock full of bonus clips, special features and even a brand new 10-minute short film. It's pretty epic.

But before you start diving into the special features, there's something else you're going to want to watch first: The movie itself. That's because director Joss Whedon and the folks at Marvel crammed the film with so many Easter eggs, cameos and moments that make you go "hmm" that even the most dedicated fan couldn't catch all of them.

With that in mind, then, and with a great big spoiler warning, here are eight things in "The Avengers" you may have missed the first time around. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Avengers' and More

The Hulk in "The Avengers" Marvel Studios

This week: The biggest blockbuster of the year, "The Avengers," is likely to become the best-selling home video of the year as fans can't seem to get enough of Marvel's Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America teaming up to battle Loki and an army of hostile aliens.

Also new this week is the hilariously twisted Danish comedy "Klown," the thriller "Barricade" starring Eric McCormack and a collection of all 22 James Bond films called, simply, "Bond 50."

Get More »

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Jeremy Renner Kills Witches and His Appetite in 'Hansel and Gretel' Trailer

Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner in "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters"

Forget breadcrumbs, because this time around, Hansel and Gretel are leaving a trail of bodies in their wake — and there isn't enough gingerbread in the world to wash away the taste of blood once Jeremy Renner is on the case.

Move over, Abraham Lincoln, because there's a new anachronistic mashup in town and we've got the trailer for "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" right here to prove it. Get More »

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Jeremy Renner Continues 'Bourne's' Box Office Legacy

The Bourne Legacy

Matt Damon who? That's what film fans apparently were asking this weekend as according to, replacement Jeremy Renner helped power "The Bourne Legacy" to a box office victory with an estimated $40.3 million.

The win by "The Bourne Legacy" ended the three week reign of "The Dark Knight Rises," which slipped to third place with an estimated $19.5 million. That put the Christopher Nolan epic well behind the debut of Zach Galifianakis and Will Farrell's political comedy "The Campaign," which earned an estimated $27.4 million.

For a full roundup of the weekend's box office figures, including numbers for "Total Recall" and the Meryl Streep romcomdramedy "Hope Springs," head to

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Jeremy Renner Not Loving on 'Avengers'

The Avengers

Jeremy Renner is not too pleased with (arguably) one of summer's greatest flicks. Yes, we're talking about "The Avengers," beloved by critics and fanboys alike — a phenomenon that almost never happens. So why is Renner so cross? In sum, he thought his character blew did not come across well in the finished flick, Total Film reports.

"For 90% of the movie, I'm not the character I signed on to play," he explains. "It's kind of a vacancy. [He's] not even a bad guy, because there's not really a consciousness to him. To take away who that character is and just have him be this robot, essentially, and have him be this minion for evil that Loki uses... I was limited, you know what I mean? I was a terminator in a way. Fun stunts. But is there any sort of emotional content or thought process? No." Get More »

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GALLERY: Jeremy Renner Leaves a 'Legacy' of Hotness

Starring in two of the biggest movies of the summer, "The Avengers" and "The Bourne Legacy," Jeremy Renner has cemented his spot as the biggest new action star around. While we cheer every time he takes down a bad guy, we can't help but take notice of those bulging muscles and piercing blue eyes. And with two Academy Award nominations already under his belt for "The Hurt Locker" and "The Town," Jeremy clearly has the talent to back up those good looks.

So flip through this Hot People Looking Hot gallery and see why Jeremy lands some of the biggest action roles in Hollywood today. These photos will make you say, "Matt Damon, who?"

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VIDEO: Jeremy Renner Says 'The Bourne Legacy' is a 'Small' Movie

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Even though the world has been waiting for "The Bourne Legacy" to hit theaters this summer, leading man Jeremy Renner doesn't think the movie is all that big — at least when it comes to keeping the production under wraps. Renner compared the secrecy involved in "The Bourne Legacy" to his other big summer blockbuster "The Avengers," and his answer might surprise you.

"'The Avengers' was really intense," Renner told MTV. "This one, I suppose, was really small in a lot of ways."

With all of the heart-pounding action and special effects we've seen in the trailer, you could've fooled us. But we guess nothing really gets the uber-fans scrambling for spoilers than assembling some of the most famous superheroes into one movie. Get More »

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Jeremy Renner Lives Up to 'The Bourne Legacy' in 5 Clips

The Bourne Legacy

When it comes to CIA super assassins, no one could top Jason Bourne ... except perhaps Aaron Cross, who takes up his predecessor's mantle in "The Bourne Legacy."

This fellow graduate of the Treadstone program has all the badass Bourne skills without any of the inconvenient amnesia. Together with Dr. Marta Shearling (Rachel Weisz), Cross is going to expose his evil superiors and kick a lot of butt, which is just how Bourne would have wanted it. Get More »

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Idiot's Guide to the 'Bourne' Movies

The Bourne Legacy

The cinematic odyssey of amnesiatic CIA assassin Jason Bourne left a trail of bodies, property damage and wrecked cars, but there's apparently still more carnage to be mined from this franchise in this week's "The Bourne Legacy."

Picking up after (and sometimes during) the previous three movies, "Legacy" presents a new agent named Aaron Cross dealing with government duplicity as many, many bullets are fired at him, seemingly at all times. As Jeremy Renner inherits the Bourne mantle, we look back at his predecessor to help you catch up. It might be difficult, though — Matt Damon can run really fast. Get More »

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Before They Were Famous: Jeremy Renner in 'National Lampoon's Senior Trip'

Jeremy Renner in National Lampoon's Senior Trip
New Line

In this weekend's "The Bourne Legacy," Jeremy Renner picks up a mega-franchise from where Matt Damon left off, but it wasn't long ago that the Academy Award nominee was making his film debut as an underachieving student in the long-forgotten '90s comedy  "National Lampoon's Senior Trip."

Renner's interest in acting blossomed relatively late, when the California native decided to pursue a double major in theater and psychology at Modesto Junior College. Shortly after graduation, Renner made his way to Los Angeles to parlay his passion into a career. His first opportunity came via the play "Search and Destroy," which earned him early buzz from critics. From there, Renner jumped into his first film role at the tender age of 24 with "Senior Trip." Get More »

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