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Casting Roundup: Olyphant, Affleck and Damon Get the Gigs

Timothy Olyphant Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

Timothy Olyphant just can't hang up that cowboy hat. The "Justified" star is joining Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Jenkins and Jennifer Carpenter for "Bone Tomahawk," a violent horror-western about four men who attempt to rescue a group of captives from a band of cannibalistic troglodytes that live beyond the edge of civilization (awesome). [Deadline]

Casey Affleck is on the case of the "Boston Strangler," a true-crime thriller about the hunt for the notorious serial killer who terrorized Beantown in the 1960s. Affleck will produce and hopes to play one of the detectives. [Deadline] Get More »

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Jason Clarke Takes Down Osama bin Laden For Kathryn Bigelow

Getty Images

A few years ago Kathryn Bigelow cast a little known actor named Jeremy Renner as the lead in her Best Picture-winning war film "The Hurt Locker." He'd been in a few things, but no one was banging down his door to cast him, but an Oscar nomination later and the dude is now THE go-to-guy for any kind of testosterone-fueled franchise role.

Bigelow seems to think she can work her magic again as she's cast another left field/off-the-radar thesp to take her cast into battle for a still-untitled drama about the (fruitful?) hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

Deadline broke the news that the role will go to Aussie Jason Clarke, who appeared as one of Johnny Depp's partners in crime in "Public Enemies" and has a supporting role in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming "Great Gatsby." Get More »

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Jason Clarke Rubs Shoulders with the Great Cast of 'Gatsby'

Jason Clarke
Getty Images

Even with every high school graduate having read it in high school, a big budget, 3-D version of "The Great Gatsby" isn't an easy sell -- the combo period setting, social allegory and lots of walking and talking doesn't scream blockbuster.

But never underestimate visual stylist and theatrical mastermind Baz Luhrmann, who continues to pile on top-notch cast members for his literary adaptation. His most recent recruit, according to Hollywood Reporter, is Jason Clarke, a familiar face for anyone who caught the short but sweet "Brotherhood" or "Chicago Code." Get More »

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