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11 Super-Surprising Director Credits

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Warner Bros.

A whole mess of factors goes into what projects a director takes on. A young up-and-comer might be happy just to get his first directing credit, regardless of what it might actually be about. A director who's been around the block might pick up a project way outside of their wheelhouse just for the experience. And the promise of a couple bucks doesn't hurt, either.

In other words, sometimes you just can't pin a filmmaker down. Here are some rather odd and unexpected director-movie pairings. Get More »

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'Gravity' Trailer: Life In Space Is Impossible

If you weren't already freaked the eff out by the two teaser trailers for Alfonso Cuarón's space thriller "Gravity" — an intentionally ironic name, since the whole movie's about being helpless in zero grav — here's a full-length trailer that's ought to do the trick. Get More »

James Cameron Blue It: 'Avatar' To Get Three Sequels

Fox Fox

If Elvis had a Blue Christmas, we expect director James Cameron will later think of this week as Blue Late Summer. Okay, maybe the wording isn't so elegant, but consider this: Cameron made a splash in the long dormant lake of "Avatar" news yesterday when it was announced that he had hired screenwriter Josh Friedman to help him with the "Avatar 2" script in anticipation for a Christmas 2016 release. Now, ol' Jim has gone and told everyone that we should hold onto our Na'vi butts, because there are going to be three "Avatar" sequels.

Is someone maybe a little worried about the Smurfs stealing all the blue-guy glory with this week's release of "The Smurfs 2"? Get More »

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'Avatar 2' Still a Thing as Jim Cameron Hires a Writer

Avatar Fox

James Cameron owned just about everybody on this planet for quite a while with his epic 3-D planetary adventures in Pandora in 2009's "Avatar," and at the end of the film's 8 month theatrical run Fox was left happily sorting through a whopping $2.7 billion smackers in ticket sales.

So, of course everyone involved was game for giving Jim-Jim a second run at those adorable Na'vi and their new addition. The sequel and a third part were announced almost immediately, and it seemed like this would get underway with haste. But not so. Instead, Cameron's been floating around in the Mariana's Trench — you know, like everyone does during time off (actually, just kidding, he's one of three people ever) — and retooling "Titanic" into 3-D format to nab even more cash ... until now.

After four years, there's finally a teensy weensy bit of news on "Avatar 2." Get More »

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The 9 Worst Oscar Speeches Ever

angelina-jolie-300 Getty Images

Winning an Oscar represents the culmination of years of labor and faith in the careers of those who work in film. When your name is called, it's etched in stone forever, never to be taken away by anyone or anything. And that's all fantastic.

There's one final detail that can still go terribly awry, however; something that can, fair or unfair, eternally undermine your win and your performance in the film: A botched acceptance speech.

Don't **** up the acceptance speech.

Here are nine unfortunate incidences of a less-than-stellar moment in the Oscar spotlight. Get More »

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We See Everything Wrong with 'Avatar' in 4 Minutes

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in "Avatar" Fox

But ... but it's the highest-grossing movie of all time! And moneymaking equals goodness!

Hey, we all love "Avatar." And you do, too, whether you realize it or not. There's just something about Pandora and its crazy creatures and amazing scenery and tree-hugging natives that casts a cinematic spell of charm and delight.

But, okay, yeah ... it's not a perfect film. It has a few flaws. Maybe even more than a few. We'll admit that if only because you know James Cameron won't. And we love him for it. Get More »

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Ogle Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Golden Globes Opening

We had some absurdly high expectations for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as co-hosts of the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, and last night our funny girls did not disappoint.

In the span of their seven minute opening monologue, they managed to sneak in a few mildly amusing jokes, a couple of eyebrow-raisers and one real zinger.

Get More »

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Matt Damon Still Blue About Turning Down 'Avatar'

Matt Damon Getty Images

Now we're trying to picture Jason Bourne all tall and blue and Na'vi-like.

Matt Damon could've starred in "Avatar" and is still kind of upset that he didn't, according to The "Promised Land" star was James Cameron's first choice for the lead role of Jake Sully.

"I particularly wanted to work with James Cameron, and still do," Damon said in an interview with Playboy. "He knew he was the star of that movie and that everyone was going to see it anyway. When he said, 'Look, I'm offering it to you, but if you say no, the movie doesn't need you,' I remember thinking, 'Oh God, not only do I have to say no because of scheduling, but he's going to make a star out of some guy who's going to to start taking jobs from me later.'" Get More »

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James Cameron Lines Up Next Gig, Post-'Avatar' Sequels

Getty Images

James Cameron is not one to rest on his laurels.

While many assumed that after he completes his "Avatar" trilogy (sometime before the end of this decade), he would immediately dive into his long-planned Japanese manga adaptation "Battle Angel," it's apparently not so.

It seems Iron Jim wants in on the whole "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"/"Bourne Identity" bandwagon as he sets his sights on adapting Taylor Stevens' novel "The Informationist," which The Hollywood Reporter says his Lightstorm Entertainment has just purchased for him to make at 20th Century Fox. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Moonrise Kingdom' and More

Moonrise Kingdom Focus Features

This week: Wes Anderson's latest heartfelt comedy, "Moonrise Kingdom," chronicles the great romance between two 12-year-old runaways during the summer of 1965.

Also new this week is the animated sequel "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted," the found footage-ish horror flick "Chernobyl Diaries," the Adam Sandler comedy "That's My Boy" and an edition of "Avatar" on Blu-ray 3D that one can buy without it being bundled with a hardware purchase. Get More »

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