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Hugh Jackman and Paul Dano Are 'Prisoners' In Their Own Trailer

Everyone is a prisoner of something. Fate. Zenda. Your own tortured psyche. But for movie stars, there's something even worse than all of those: Being trapped in a trailer that gives away too much of the movie's plot.

And as this new YouTube clip shows, Hugh Jackman, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal just became "Prisoners" of the Hollywood hype system. Get More »

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Emily Blunt Gives 'Into the Woods' A Fairy Tale Beginning

Emily Blunt Getty Images

When it comes to hobbies, different people enjoy collecting different things. Some people are really into coins, while others collect comic books. Your little cousin Eddie might be into Pokemon cards, while your Grandma Ethel might enjoy stamps. In the world of collecting, there's something for everyone.

And Disney? Well, as Variety is reporting, Disney is putting together an unmatched collection of superstars for their upcoming fable "Into the Woods" — and Emily Blunt is their latest mega-acquisition.

Move over, Honus Wagner. Get More »

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Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal Head 'Into the Woods'

Chris Pine Getty Images

We've all heard of fairy tale endings, but the upcoming musical "Into the Woods" is having a real fairy tale beginning, as The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal are the latest superstars set to join the party.

It's almost enough to make you randomly burst into fanciful song, isn't it? Get More »

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Natalie Portman's 'Jane Got a Gun' Is in Search of a Cowboy

Getty Images Getty Images

Poor Natalie Portman. Doesn't anyone want to cowboy it up with her in "Jane Got a Gun"? Producers are hoping Jake GyllenhaalTobey Maguire or Jeff Bridges might, now that both Jude Law and Michael Fassbender have walked out on her.

Even the picture's director, Lynne Ramsay, has ditched. Okay, for serious, it probably has zilch-nil-squat to do with the fact that Natalie Portman stars, but something's gone seriously awry to make yet another vital piece of the production take off. Get More »

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Where 25 Movie Stars Went to College

Admission Focus Features

Not all movie stars are created equal. Some are tall. Some are short. Some spend their free time on philanthropy. Some spend their free time in jail. And some secretly gave children up for adoption. Wait; that's actually Tina Fey's character in "Admission" — not to be confused with the real Tina Fey, who (at the time of this posting) has not put any of her offspring up for adoption. Get More »

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Bradley Cooper May Live Strong as Lance Armstrong in J.J. Abrams' Biopic

Bradley Cooper in "Silver Linings Playbook" The Weinstein Co.

Look, J.J. Abrams just doesn't sleep ya'll.

The "Star Trek Into Darkness" director who's also recently signed on to helm Disney's "Star Wars: Episode VII" may have another star-centric project underway. This time, it's about an international sports figure who dropped the ball got caught doing some naughty things on his cycling road to victory.

That man, of course, is Lance Armstrong, who's found his name at the tippy top of many sports pages lately (interrupted just briefly by the perplexing Manti T'eo) thanks to his gobsmacking admission to doping on the race course and winning seven consecutive Tour de France titles. Largely considered a hero for his tireless cancer patient support efforts with the Livestrong Foundation (he himself survived testicular cancer before beginning his victory streak) Armstrong's story has confounded the public and gotten J.J. Abrams on board to produce a biopic based upon his life. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'End of Watch' and More

Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal in "End of Watch" Open Road Films

This week: Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena star as two LAPD partners that unwittingly make themselves targets of a dangerous drug cartel in the gritty, violent police drama "End of Watch."

Also new this week is the controversial Southern-fried drama "The Paperboy" starring Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey, as well as the raunchy-sweet chick flick "For a Good Time, Call …" featuring a breakout performance by funny lady Ari Graynor. Get More »

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20 Movie Stars You Didn't Know Were Jewish


Ah, Hanukah! Festival of Lights! A time for Jews everywhere to get together in a spirit of peace, give gifts and sing songs. It's also a time for gentiles everywhere to ask questions like "So... what's the deal with Hanukah?" and "How do you spell Chanukah?" and "Why does it keep moving around the calendar like a celebratory hobo?"

These are good questions; deep questions. And who better to ask than Hollywood's Jewish stars! But who's Jewish? It's no shock that certain actors are from the tribe (shalom, Sasha Baron Cohen!), but Zac Efron? Get More »

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Casting Roundup: Gyllenhaal, Swank and Whishaw Get the Gigs

Jake Gyllenhaal Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• Who would win in a fight — the Prince of Persia or Wolverine? Heat Vision reports that Jake Gyllenhall will butt heads with Hugh Jackman in "Prisoners," a thriller about a carpenter (Jackman) who takes the law into his own hands after his daughter and best friend are kidnapped. The "End of Watch" star will play the detective on the case who doesn't take to the amateur vigilante's methods.

• Might Q be joining Thor and Catwoman in Steven Spielberg's "Robopocalypse"? Variety reports that "Skyfall" actor Ben Whishaw has been approached for the role of an expert hacker named Lurker in the sci-fi action extravaganza that's set to hit theaters on April 25, 2014 (a rather non-Spielberg time of the year, no?). Get More »

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GALLERY: Keep 'Watch' Over Jake Gyllenhaal

If we ever had to be arrested, we'd want Jake Gyllenhaal to be the one to slap on the cuffs.

Jake makes law enforcement downright sexy in "End of Watch," the gritty new cop thriller in which the all-grown-up "Donnie Darko" star intimidates criminals with his piercing blue eyes (and sometimes with a gun, too). We'd certainly feel safer in a world where Jake's out there on the streets — serving, protecting and rocking that blue uniform.

Put your hands on your head and gaze upon Gyllenhaal in our Hot People Looking Hot photo gallery. "End of Watch" is now in theaters.

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