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James Franco Would Have REAL Sex Onscreen (Under the Right Circumstances)

Things get really real in "Interior. Leather Bar." — including the sex scenes.

The film is James Franco's re-examination of Al Pacino's 1980 flick "Cruising," and it has some real-life sexy times in it. While Franco avoids getting in on any of the action in the NSFW flick — which just debuted at the Sundance Film Festival — he did tell MTV News that, for the right project, he would consider pulling a Shia LaBeouf and have sex for real with the cameras rolling.

Get the whole story at MTV.

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James Franco Brings Sex to Sundance (On Film)

James Franco had no intention of being the sex king of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. But sometimes the universe gifts us a miracle.

So it has come to pass that the 34-year-old actor has arrived in town to promote no less than three sex-filled films. In "Lovelace," the dark story of the '70s-era porn star, he plays Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. "Kink" is a Franco-produced documentary about the world's largest producer of BDSM pornography. And then there's a co-directing effort called "Interior. Leather Bar.," a sexually charged riff on a 1980 film about gay cruising.

Has this all been part of Franco's plan, the next step in his always-keep-you-guessing, is-he-really-going-there-now career? Or is it just happenstance, the entertainment gods smiling down upon us? Franco, predictably thoughtful on the subject, can see it both ways.

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