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Infographic: Every Tarantino Movie Death, and How They Died


Hey, have you ever noticed that there are a ton of people killed in every Quentin Tarantino movie? You have? Us, too. It would be interesting if someone took the time to sit through every one of his films and not only count the number of dead people, but tell us how they all died. If a cool graphic was made about it, all the better. Get More »

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Quentin Tarantino Plans 'Rewritten History' Film ... Here Are Our Theories

You've got to hand it to Quentin Tarantino: The guy sure knows how to dispense some righteous justice. First he retroactively avenged the Holocaust with his history-warping "Inglorious Basterds" and then he put the smack down on slavery with his juicy pre-Civil War revenge fantasy "Django Unchained." There's just nothing quite so satisfying as seeing some of history's greatest injustices fixed through two hours of big screen slaughter.

And now we'll get one more; speaking to reporters at Sunday night's BAFTA winners press conference, Tarantino said, "This [rewritten history theme] begs a trilogy, it begs to have a third movie on this theme. I haven't decided about what yet, but I wouldn't be surprised."

Humanity has done so many horrific things over the past few millennia that there's literally no end to the number of revenge fantasies Tarantino could make. With that in mind, then, we dreamed up posters for some of the most egregious wrongs in history that are crying out for the Tarantino treatment. Get More »

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