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INFOGRAPHIC: The Definitive Hollywood Family Tree

Getty Images Getty Images

Hollywood: it can feel like a nepotistic, incestuous place. Probably because it is. Generally, movie-type people tend to hitch up with other movie-type people, make smaller movie-type people, and leave you to sort out who's related to who and who just happens to share a last name.

So, for your convenience, we've made some handy charts to keep your famous family trees straight. Is that crazy super-conservative Baldwin related to that crazy super-liberal one, and just how many brothers are there? Those Wayanses can't possibly all be related, can they? Find out below. Get More »

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Infographic: Celebrity Kickstarter Campaigns

Sylvester Stallone Getty Images

Sylvester Stallone recently made headlines for becoming the latest in a seemingly endless parade of rich movie stars coming to the Internet hat in hand to get some of that sweet sweet Kickstarter cash. The crowdfunding site has been a magnet for celebs looking to fund oddball projects the studios are gunshy on (a la David Fincher's animated comic book adaptation "The Goon") or to obtain greater creative control through fan-supported cashflow, like Zach Braff's controversial Kickstarter campaign. Get More »

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Infographic: Hollywood's Wealthiest Directors

Steven Spielberg & George Lucas NextMovie

SPOILER ALERT: A-list movie stars are rich. Very rich. It's a highly visible part of the job, with private jets, opulent mansions and designer clothing seemingly stuffed into celebrity mailboxes along with their royalty checks.

A topic not highlighted nearly as often, however, is the wealth of many film directors. Maybe it's because directors sit behind the camera instead of in front of it that they have the ability to largely eschew the media's financial spotlight. However, don't be fooled: many directors' paychecks are comparable to (and in some cases even dwarf) their thespian counterparts. Get More »

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‘Spinal Tap’ Vs. Actual Music Documentary Cliches

Spinal Tap vs. One Direction MGM / Sony

Watching "One Direction: This Is Us," the latest in a long line of self-promoting pop-docs, often feels like an endless exercise in déjà vu. The dramatic in-your-face performance footage, the playful “candid” glimpses of Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis goofing off backstage and even the tears of pride shed by their proud parents all seem like they were cribbed directly from tour documentaries of yore. Get More »

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Infographic: Hollywood's Biggest Paydays

In case you didn't hear, Robert Downey Jr. will be returning as Tony Stark for at least two more "Marvel's The Avengers" sequels ... and considering he reportedly raked in about $70 million for the first "Avengers" movie, it's fair to assume he'll soon be making the transition from rich guy to outrageously rich guy,

Still, when it comes to getting super-paid, he's got nothing on Keanu Reeves, who took home the biggest ever single-movie payday when he banked around $126 million on "The Matrix Reloaded," or Tom Cruise, who grabbed an estimated $175 million on "Mission: Impossible III" and "War of the Worlds" combined. That'll buy you a whole mess of auditing sessions.

Moral of this story? Super-famous actors are richer than you. See them and their gigantic paychecks below.

Click on the image for an even more lucrative version.

hollywood-paydays2-600 Get More »

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Infographic: Movie Role Repeats

The Wolverine Fox

If you feel like Hugh Jackman has committed a whole lot of his life to occupying Wolverine's rugged, impenetrable skin, it's not just your imagination. "The Wolverine" marks the sixth time Jackman is wielding those claws — and considering he's set to reprise the role again in the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past," he shows no signs of ending his mutant run any time soon. Get More »

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Gosbook: The Ryan Gosling Loner Friend-o-Meter

Only God Forgives RADiUS-TWC

Poor Ryan Gosling. He's one of the most popular actors on the planet (or at least on the Internet), and yet he usually plays such a lonely boy.

Sure, Gosling has had his share of companions, lovers and even wives in his movies, but for the most part he's made a career at playing the rugged loner, the lone wolf who walks (or drives) the earth with only very few "friends" ... if you can even call them that half the time. Get More »

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Infographic: The Evolution of 'Pacific Rim's' Kaiju and Jaegers


The "Pacific Rim" monsters weren't always creepy as hell (OK, maybe they were), but they did start out a little less developed.

In the new film, directed by robot porn aficionado Guillermo del Toro, giant monsters known as Kaiju escape from beneath the ocean after a dimensional rift really messes s**t up. But not so fast, Kaiju! Humanity's got some little — wait, huge — weapons known as Jaegers, manmade robots that are prepared to kick some serious butt.

However, the Kaiju and Jaegers weren't always so big and bad. Remember the evolution of the human? Well, multiply that by about a bazillion. In this exclusive infographic, we break down the progression of these treacherous creatures. Click on the image up top to see a bigger version.

Check out the images and gasp in horror (or amazement!) at the beauty that is evolution. Yes, at one point the Jaeger looked like a Transformer and the Kaiju resembled the dragon from "Sleeping Beauty" — but these guys do not play games.

Planning to see "Pacific Rim" this weekend? Check out our need-to-know list before heading to the movies. Also, read’s review here.

Infographic by Max Evry 

Reporting by Christopher Rosa and Jacqueline Lem 

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Infographic: The 20 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

This week's "The Lone Ranger" carries with it a hefty production budget of $250 million. That's more money than Alex Rodriguez makes from the Yankees in three weeks! But sadly, a large budget doesn't always guarantee a massive box office windfall — just ask "John Carter" after he stops crying. There's always a risk in committing nine figures to a movie.

Here are the top 20 biggest-budgeted movies of all time and how they performed at the box office, both adjusted for inflation because, you know, money inflates sometimes.

Click on the image below for an inflated version.

The Most Expensive Movies Ever Made Get More »

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Hollywood Height Chart: Our Tallest Actors

By now you're pretty well-acquainted with Hollywood's shorties, thanks to our other Hollywood Height Chart. But what about those celebs that tower over everyone else, the ones that often require their co-stars to stand on a few apple boxes just so they can fit in the same frame?

You probably already knew that Jeff Goldblum, Chris Hemsworth and Bill Murray are considerably taller than your average movie star. But did you know that Farmer Hoggett from "Babe" stands at 6'7"? Or that action veteran Steven Seagal is actually 6'4" (doesn't he seem like a shorty on-camera?).

Soon you will know all. Behold our infographic of Hollywood's giants below. Click on image to enlarge.

Hollywood Height Chart: Tallest Actors Get More »

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