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9 Surprising Real World Impacts of Famous Movies

Inception Warner Bros.

Over the last hundred or so years, movies have been the world's number-one chosen form of popular entertainment. Our common language. Our shared culture experience. And so on, and so forth.

So it should come as no surprise that movies not only shape how we view the world but how the world actually operates. Like, in real life. Here are nine instances when the impact of a movie went beyond the screen and into our reality. Get More »

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This Couple's Movie-Themed Engagement Photos Will Bring You Joy


Weddings are a lovely time for any couple. But even the hottest pairs can't avoid the dreaded awkward engagement pictures. Forced smiling, weird hand placement and oddly-tilted heads make even Brad and Angelina look cuckoo-bananas.

So when Joshua (a photographer) and Rachel Watson had to take their engagement pictures, they weren't hungry for any awkward sauce. Rather, they decided to do something pretty epic: fashion their pics after famous movie and television posters. And yes, they win all the awards. Get More »

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Supercut: Every Question Ellen Page Asks In 'Inception'

If you left watching "Inception" scratching your head and wondering what your eyeballs just spent the last 148 minutes observing, you are not alone. Not only do millions of viewers feel the same way, one of the film's actors isn't even sure what's going on: Ellen Page.

Page, who plays grad student-cum-dream archictect Ariadne in the film (alongside va-va-voom hotties Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt), spends an awful lot of time asking questions. In fact, curiosity almost kills Page when dream residue knocks her right off her chair mid-question. So much for knowledge being power or whatever. Get More »

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Today's Hottest Movies, Yesterday's Coolest Stars


Times change, styles change, technology changes. But in Hollywood, some things are timeless: A cool movie is still a cool movie and a star is still a star.

That's the takeaway from the fantastic array of new retro-posters from artist Peter Stults, who has taken some of today's biggest hits — "The Hangover," "Avatar" and "Inception" among them — and revealed what they might have looked like if they had been filmed with the stars of yesterday.

And they look pretty awesome. Get More »

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'Inception' Finally Explained in Honest Trailer

There were a lot of confusing and intriguing sci-fi films last year — "Looper" and "Prometheus" both come to mind right off the bat — but as interesting as those films might have been, frankly we didn't really have the energy to even try to figure them out. The reason? We're still busy puzzling over 2010's "Inception." What does it mean?

Just think of all the mental anguish we could have been spared if only the new "Inception" clip from the folks at Honest Trailers had been available back then. Get More »

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'Inception' Sound Infiltrates Movie Trailers Everywhere

Hey guys, remember back in the day when movie trailers used to have music and dialogue and stuff to get you excited? Those were good times, right? But now that we're living in the future, Hollywood has dumped all that old fashioned nonsense in favor of something a lot more exciting: The deep electric bleating of an abused foghorn.

Call it the "Inception" sound. And call it incredibly annoying. Get More »

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Christopher Nolan Absolutely Will Not Do Any More Batman Movies

Christopher Nolan
Warner Bros.

Ever since Christopher Nolan announced that "The Dark Knight Rises" would be his final Batman movie, fans have been hoping that the director would have a change of heart. After all, considering how popular his first three Batman films have been, doing a fourth movie only makes sense, right?

Well, according to indieWire, Nolan has heard your pleas and after careful consideration, he revealed his answer to those prayers at this weekend's Produced By Conference. That answer?

"No." Get More »

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Free Blu-rays Anyone? Enter the WB Insider Sweeps Both Here & There

Warner Bros.

If you're here, we're willing to bet you love movies. And, if you love movies, we're pretty sure you like 'em free whenever possible.

Well, welcome to the best giveaway deal ever.

First, we're urging you to head over to Warner Brothers' page on Facebook, where you can become a WB VIP Insider and, in the process, enter to win a whole bunch of prizes, including a trip to Hollywood complete with tickets to a taping of "Conan!"

But the fun doesn't stop there. Get More »

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A Lot of Christopher Nolan in Very Little Time

Warner Bros.

Kees van Dijkhuizen has been a busy man ever since starting his "[The films of]" project, in which he features a new director every month with a montage of clips that (in his mind, at least) illustrate what makes each of them unique. And he crams it all into a video that only lasts a few quick minutes—not an easy feat.

For his eleventh installment, Dijkhuizen turns the spotlight on "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan. Before you get all in a tizzy, there's plenty of "Inception" footage in there too. And even a shout out to "Memento."

Dijkuizen praises Nolan because his films "demand a second, third and fourth viewing." Well, if you don't have the time (or interest) in watching Nolan's best on repeat, just check out Dijkuizen's compilation, courtesy of Slash Film. Get More »

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Leonardo DiCaprio's 9 Best Movie Roles

J. Edgar
Warner Bros.

Ever since his film debut in the long-forgotten horror flick "Critters 3," Leonardo DiCaprio has carefully selected roles that would establish him as one of our generation's most diverse actors. He has played everything from a scruffy third-class artist to a reclusive billionaire, a mentally unstable pyromaniac to a person who infiltrates minds only to sear ideas into them.

His varied roles have given the three-time Oscar nominee one of Hollywood's most enviable résumés, and he's already garnering early award buzz with his upcoming lead turn in "J. Edgar." NextMovie has raided the DiCaprio archives with one goal in mind -- to rank the accomplished actor's nine best roles, as painstaking as that task might be.

Get More »

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