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Hot People Looking Hot: Amanda Seyfried Photos

They say timing is everything. Lucky for Amanda Seyfried, that time is now.

Time for what, you ask? Time for the "Gone" starlet to return with her Hot People Looking Hot gallery, that's what!

After bursting onto the Hollywood scene in 2004 with "Mean Girls," Amanda has dazzled us with her romantic features in, well, romantic features. Needless to say, we're totally psyched to see her breaking hearts and hitting high notes in "Les Miserables."

And, yeah, we're also totally psyched for the excuse to celebrate her gorgeousness with a gallery. Enjoy!

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GALLERY: Alex Pettyfer Always Looks Like 'Magic'

Alex Pettyfer seems to be everywhere these days, and we certainly don't mind.

Plus, we already know we're gonna see a lot more of Alex in this week's "Magic Mike." The British actor plays a male stripper trying to learn the craft and live the good life with the help of the title character played by fellow hot person Channing Tatum.

Recently named the Superstar of Tomorrow at the Young Hollywood Awards, Alex is sure to star in many more movies in the future, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Check out his Hot People Looking Hot Gallery, and you'll see why.

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Beware of the Future: 15 Movies That Say We're Screwed

The Hunger Games

In "The Hunger Games," the future of North America (called Panem) is grim. For proof, look no further than the titular televised battle to the death that the Capitol puts on for sport. Teens killing teens? Hilarious!

The shocking thing is that  the post-apocalyptic future Katniss Everdeen inhabits is far from the bleakest or most bizarre dystopia in movie history. The following 15 movies teach us one basic truth: Be afraid, very afraid of the future -- particularly genetic mutations, man-made viruses, and nuclear holocausts. Get More »

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Cillian Murphy Demands Your Time in Exclusive 'In Time' Deleted Scene

Roger Daltrey used to wish that "I hope I die before I get old." His wish would have been granted in the Justin Timberlake futuristic sci-fi movie "In Time," in which everyone older than 25 dies unless they can buy time, which has become the new commodity. ("Buy time"? Get it?)

In this exclusive deleted scene from the movie, Cillian Murphy slips on the villain mask once again to play timekeeper Raymond Leon, a cop who chases down stolen time. Here, he questions a woman over the suspicious amount of time she's displaying. "It was a gift," she tells the dubious Murphy, proving that time, indeed, is on her side.

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Drive,' 'In Time' and More

Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in Drive

This week: Ryan Gosling is a new kind of action hero in "Drive," Justin Timberlake brings sci-fi back in "In Time," Mary Elizabeth Winstead channels Ripley in "The Thing," Daniel Craig's "Dream House" is full of horrors, and "To Kill a Mockingbird" is beautifully restored for its Blu-ray debut.



Box Office: $35 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 93% Fresh
Storyline: Ryan Gosling plays the mysterious "Driver" -- a guy who works as a Hollywood stuntman by day and moonlights as a getaway driver at night. We know little about this man of few words except that he won't wait longer than five minutes for you during a heist, and he develops a soft spot for his married neighbor (Carey Mulligan).
Extras! Don't let the DVD/Blu-ray featurette title "Drive Without a Driver: Entretien Avec Nicolas Winding Refn" scare you away. It's not in subtitles and has director Refn explaining the laborious six-year process it took to bring "Drive" to the silver screen.
We Say: "Drive" is one of the best movies of 2011, so don't let the Academy's Oscar snub suggest otherwise. "Drive" could spark the next generation of action films, complete with memorable performances and a cutting-edge electro soundtrack as well as quiet, dramatic moments that other films in the genre fill with tiresome guns and bombast.

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In Time
20th Century Fox

'In Time'

Box Office: $37 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 37% Rotten
Storyline: In a dystopian future where the aging gene has been switched off, time is the currency traded to extend one's life beyond the allotted 25 years. Justin Timberlake plays a working stiff who comes across a fortune of time, Olivia Wilde plays his dying mother, and Amanda Seyfried plays the futuristic Bonnie to Timberlake's Clyde.
Extras! "The Minutes" featurette on the DVD and Blu-ray is time well spent for a behind-the-scenes peek.
We Say: Although "In Time" often feels heavy-handed, the intriguing premise mirrors our current dismal economic climate and will be of interest to sci-fi and Timberlake buffs.

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The Thing

'The Thing'

Box Office: $17 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 35% Rotten
Storyline: This prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 "The Thing" follows the Norwegian and American scientists -- including Mary Elizabeth Winstead -- as they discover an alien buried in the Antarctic ice. The shape-shifting monster thaws out and wreaks havoc on the terrified, paranoid travelers that fear any one of them could be the creature.
Extras! The Blu-ray feature "'The Thing' Evolves" shows the process of reverse-engineering the story based Carpenter's blueprint.
We Say: If you loved Carpenter's film, this tense prequel meshes perfectly with it and features an impressive combination of practical and CGI creature effects as well as a welcome Ripley-like performance by Winstead.

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Dream House

'Dream House'

Box Office: $21 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 7% Rotten
Storyline: A successful publisher (Daniel Craig) moves his wife (Rachel Weisz) and their two daughters to a quaint New England town only to discover that their idyllic home was a family murder scene, and that a neighbor (Naomi Watts) knows what really happened.
Extras! "The Dream Cast" has Craig, Weisz and Watts -- all of whom we love in other roles -- explain their inexplicable attraction to this project.
We Say: Although you can feel the chemistry between Craig and Weisz that the couple took off-screen, this preposterous mystery with a snicker-worthy M. Night Shyamalan twist collapses like a house of cards.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

'To Kill a Mockingbird' (Blu-ray)

Box Office: $13 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 94% Fresh
Storyline: Gregory Peck won an Oscar for his turn as courageous Southern lawyer Atticus Finch -- a character the American Film Institute calls "The Greatest Movie Hero of All Time" -- who comes to the defense of a black man wrongly accused of rape.
Extras! This 50th anniversary edition is packed with in-depth bonus features like a feature-length documentary on Peck, and it comes cased in a 44-page book with Peck's script pages, personal letters, storyboards and more.
We Say: Digitally remastered and fully restored in high definition from the original 35-mm film elements, this is how classic Hollywood treasures should be treated for film collectors.

Also New This Week:

"The English Patient" (Blu-ray)
"The Piano" (Blu-ray)
"Malcolm X" (Blu-ray)
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" (Blu-ray 3-D)
"Shakespeare in Love" (Blu-ray)

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Take Home Justin Timberlake With Our 'In Time' DVD Giveaway


Hard to believe, but it's now been more than 14 years since Justin Timberlake first hit the Billboard charts and became an international superstar. Yet somehow, JT hasn't just managed to reinvent himself as an A-list Hollywood leading man, he actually seems to be just as young and fresh-faced as ever.

How is this possible?

Here's how: The guy is immortal — and now you can find out all the crazy details, as we're giving three lucky winners free copies of the new "In Time" DVD, available in stores on Jan. 31. Get More »

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GALLERY: Justin Timberlake Shares His Coy Looks With Us

Forget triple threats! We've lost track of all the things that make Justin Timberlake a star.

Although, frankly, we're not sure if we really didn't just lose count because we were so distracted by his good looks and bulging biceps. Seriously, our jobs here at NextMovie are so hard.

Get distracted with us, thanks to the "In Time" star's special Hot People Looking Hot gallery.

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Fashion Forward Looks Fabulous in 'In Time'

Today's best styles don't usually play a role in sci-fi films. "In Time," however, is another story.

The film sets Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in the not-so-distant future, where time literally is money, people stop aging at 25 and you have to fight for or buy every second of your life thereafter.

You might expect a concept to futuristic to mean crazy costumes a la Lady Gaga or something. However, the styles aren't so far from what we wear today. Everything looks a bit more polished and sterile, but still totally sleek and sexy by today's definition.

See what we mean in our latest Get the Goods column. And, of course, we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't offer you a few ultra-futuristic timepieces to wear right now. Thankfully, they won't cost you your life.

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6 Clips Arrive Just 'In Time' for Justin Timberlake

In Time
20th Century Fox

Writer-director Andrew Niccol has made waves in the sci-fi genre exploring sociopolitical issues of obedience, genetics, and the nature of reality with mindbenders like "Gattaca," "S1m0ne" and the screenplay for "The Truman Show."

Now he's put his own twist on the "Logan's Run" concept of youth run amok in the new action thriller "In Time." Unlike with "Logan," where people over 25 die, in this film they just stop aging and live forever ... if they can afford it. Justin Timberlake plays Will Salas, a poor young man short on time who inherits a huge swath of immortality from an upper-class dude. When the corrupt timekeeping police force finds out, the manhunt begins.

Amanda Seyfried and her huge anime eyes costar, so check out all the young, futuristic hotness on display below. Get More »

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GALLERY: Amanda Seyfried, Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde Arrive 'In Time' for Premiere

Amanda Seyfried, Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde were just a few of the stars who made science fiction sexy again at the premiere of "In Time."

The good-looking young actors who appear in a movie about staying young and good-looking forever graced the red carpet at the Los Angeles event, which also featured an appearance by director Andrew Niccol and "S1m0ne" herself, Rachel Roberts. And can we just say that Matt Bomer needs to own that car?

Check out our gallery in your own time (though why not right now?). "In Time" opens Oct. 28.

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