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'Doctor Who' Meets Ryan Gosling in Someone's Fantasy (and Real Life)

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Ryan Gosling might just be a closet Whovian, people, because for his directorial debut "How to Catch a Monster," Gosling's now plucked none other than The Doctor himself, Matt Smith.

Per Variety, "Monster" will mark Smith's stateside acting debut, and he will star as the male lead for the film.

Outside of "Dr. Who," Smith has very few film credits to his name - British titles like "Womb" and "Bert & Dickie," e.g. - so the decision to cast him probably had a little something to do with his popular (and zany) work in TV. Given the surreal subject matter of the movie, Smith's experience muscling through wacky material to make it work will come quite in handy. Get More »

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Ryan Gosling Shows Relationship Commitment By Hiring Eva Mendes for His Movie

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Forget engagement rings and all that noise (unless there's a "Back to the Future" theme involved, 'cause of course). Ryan Gosling's got his own style of showing commitment: casting his girl in his latest movie.

The Gos has now selected his main squeeze Eva Mendes to star in his first directorial effort "How to Catch a Monster."

As confirmed by Bloody Disgusting, Mendes' beau has brought her on board his spooky mindtrip movie, which he also wrote, as a character called Cat who runs the Big Bad Wolf Club. Get More »

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Ryan Gosling Gets Behind the Camera to 'Catch a Monster'

Ryan Gosling and Christina Hendricks
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Ryan Gosling is more than just a set of abs, people. Hot off his success with "Drive," "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and "The Ides of March," the stunning dreamboat ambitious thesp is about to take it to the next level.

No, he's not proposing to girlfriend Eva Mendes (insert sighs of relief here) — he's directing his very first feature, from a script he also happened to write. We're gonna give you a minute to take that in because it's pretty awesome. Get More »

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