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Prepare the Roast Beast! 'The Grinch' Gets a Reboot

How the Grinch Stole Christmas MGM

That "Grinch" movie with Jim Carrey (somehow) made a lot of money and all ... but maybe it's time to forget it ever existed. Hey, we're cool with that.

Hollywood seems to really like where the future of Dr. Seuss cinema is going with the highly successful animated adaptations that have come out recently, so much that an animated reboot of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is now in the works, according to Heat Vision. Get More »

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Your Guide to Holiday Movies on the Boob Tube


Rustle up some eggnog and mistletoe because it's that time of year again!

'Tis the season for your TV to be invaded by St. Nicholas & Co., and we don't want you to miss one minute of cinematic cheer this year. So, to service your DVR-ing needs, here's a ho-ho-holiday movie guide featuring the what, when* and where on your favorite Christmas flicks.

And, if these times aren't working for you, check our service provider's On Demand channels — most are offering some season's greetings of their own. Get More »

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The 9 Most Villainous Pets in Movies

The Smurfs

Take a closer look at the most diabolical villains ever captured on film and you may notice some fur poking out of the corner of the screen. Supervillains need love, too, and though they have little use for human beings -- aside from as expendable henchmen -- they save their cuddly, maternal side for their devoted pets. And through this special kind of unconditional love, the supervillains reveal their vulnerability and, ironically, their own humanity in the process.

Among these vile critters is Gargamel’s cat Azrael, who will soon get the CGI treatment in "The Smurfs" reboot, opening July 29. We present our list of Azrael and other beloved beasts, arranged from the most innocent companion to the most menacing accomplice.

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