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The 9 Most Violent Movies of All Time

Rambo Lionsgate

While we recently catalogued "The Most Violent Movie Titles of All Time" we wondered to ourselves, "But what are the straight-up most violent movies?" That line of thinking led to a lot of sordid YouTube viewing and a shameful amount of personal moviegoing recollection, with this list as the meat byproduct. Get More »

The 10 Scariest Movies Ever ... According to Their Wikipedia Pages

Stephen King's It Warner Bros.

I don't like watching scary movies, because they scare me. The last scary movie I saw in theaters was "The Ring," during which I pretended to receive an inordinate amount of urgent text messages to divert my attention from the movie to my phone. "Ugh, another text message? (laughs in disbelief, shakes head) But I'm trying to watch this movie!" In reality, I received exactly zero text messages during the film. Get More »

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6 Classified Ads for Ill-Fated Movie Destinations

Psycho vacation rental ad

Packing for vacation can be both fun and stressful as you figure out just what you need for your big trip. Sunglasses, passports, hiking boots, etc. But when you're heading to a vacation retreat featured in the movies, there's one thing you just absolutely must pack.

A body bag.

Inspired by "The Cabin in the Woods," we've got listings for some of Hollywood's favorite -- and deadliest -- vacation destinations. So check out these ads (designed by Dustin Glick) and start packing. Heat, that is. Get More »

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