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Here's 'Hell No,' a Realistic Not-So-Slashery Flick For the Thinking Dude or Lady

Would you venture out into a creepy-ass cabin in the woods where some masked loon is said to roam the place and murder people exactly like you all the time with a machete on Halloween? And even if you did (which you totally would not) would you then go on to trek into some dark, damp, dusty basement and start reading off foreign chants from a book made of skin or fiddling with dangerous little knickknacks or summoning up the beyond with a board game?

"Eff to the no" is the only correct answer to the above because common sense dictates that absolutely no humanoid in their right mind would ever put themselves into these creepy crawly little situations horror movie victims seem to.

So, kudos to this video, aptly called "Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film," which finally sets the record straight on some of the most ridiculous conventions of the thriller genre and lets the would-be-dead-ites get it right for once.

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Free S#!t: Win a Frightfully Awesome 'The Conjuring' Prize Pack

246551id1_Conjuring_27x40_1Sheet.inddWhen two seasoned paranormal investigators work with a family being haunted by demons in their farmhouse, they realize that it is their most horrifying investigation ever. If you like being terrified by horror movies 'The Conjuring' is the right movie for you and we're giving away a prize pack that you'll scream over! Get More »

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The 50 Most Traumatizing Moments from Kids' Movies Certainly Deliver

You know what's funny about movies for children? Viewed through the right eyes (young, vulnerable human beings who often can't tell the difference between fiction and reality), kid flicks can be terrifying -- nay, traumatizing. Ask any adult and s/he will tell you that there was at least one movie whose scenes haunted them in their early days. In fact, College Humor managed to wrangle up fifty prime examples to smash into a very sharable mashup. Get More »

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Infographic: Everyone Killed By Jason Voorhees, For Your Sadistic Viewing Pleasure

Time goes by. You get older. You start wondering if you'll ever see an infographic featuring every character ever killed by Jason Voorhees complete with the various forms of murder he chose to knock off his hapless victims. Then you start wondering if you should go to therapy.

NextMovie can't help you with that last part. Good luck. But as for that infographic? It exists for your (really weird) viewing pleasure! 

Thanks to our casual acquaintances at Slashfilm, we have a comprehensive infographic of literally every single character murdered by Jason Voorhees in the "Friday the 13th" / "Jason" movies - and how they met their maker. Our amateur eyes draw a few conclusions:

  • Jason killed a lot of people with spears.
  • In the first few movies, he killed women as much as he killed men. Later films we seem to see a softer side from Big Jase as he sticks to killing dudes, mostly.
  • He's not above using anything sharp to kill you. Anything sharp at all.
  • Poor "Sgt. Brodski" from "Jason X," who seems to have been lit on fire. Yikes.
  • "Dan" from "Friday the 13th, Part VII" was impaled by Jason's arm? Alright then. Tough one for the medical examiner.
  • The fact that there was a film called "Jason X" suggests that a lot of characters really blew it re: putting this guy down once and for all. My goodness.

Your move, Krueger.

(Click the post image to enlarge the graphic.)

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Chucky Vs. Godzilla: Tale of the Tape

In this corner, standing two and a half feet tall and weighing in at 18 pounds, the challenger: Chucky, the doll of pure evil! And in the other corner, standing 25 stories high with a weight of 49 tons, the J.J. Abrams' secret menace from outer space, Clover!

Okay, sure, on paper it looks like a mismatch. But just how well do your favorite movie monsters really stack up against each other? That's the question posed — and then expertly answered — by this cool infographic, which compares the heights of some of the most sinister beasts ever to grace the big screen.

Which of these terrifying creatures would win in a fight, of course, is still up to you to decide. But what size sombrero they each wear? Finally, that question has been answered once and for all. Thanks, Reddit!

(Click post image to enlarge.)

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'Poltergeist' and 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Director Takes on Genies in 'Djinn' Trailer


It's here. No, not Carol Anne's TV People but the trailer for Tobe Hooper's latest chiller, "Djinn," a horror film based on the Arabic myth of the genie, a supernatural creature that, in this case, is far more dangerous than any earworms incurred from Disney's "Aladdin."

"Djinn" is an interesting beast, for sure. It's full of those age-old horror tropes that Hooper fans are well-acquainted with, like a haunted abode, angry supernatural forces, and a creepy stalker slash pretty lady who has some undue interest in the contents of a woman's uterus. Get More »

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Katie Holmes and Guillermo del Toro Try to Spook You

Guillermo del Toro is an expert at trying to scare you. Or, as he tells us, trying to play chess with the audience of his movie.

Even Katie Holmes, the star of his latest horror flick, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," finds such a match a bit disturbing.

"[He does] an amazing job with creating these characters," she tells NextMovie. "You have Sally (the little girl, played by Bailee Madison) going through her own personal turmoil and then to have these little creatures... Ugh! It's just horrible."

Being a kid on such a terrifying set isn't nearly as bad, del Toro says, recalling the girl who played the lead in "Pan's Labyrinth" confessing that shooting the film was fun, but watching it was scary.

"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" creeps into theaters this weekend.

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Low-Budget Horror 'Life Zone' Pushes Pro-Life Message... Sorta

Justice For All

Gird your loins and peep the trailer for "The Life Zone," the world's first horror movie to push a pro-life agenda. In "Zone," three women wake up in a room where they're being held hostage. No, they haven't been trawling Eastern European hostels for good times or playing with Jigsaw; they were kidnapped while waiting to get abortions.

Too bad for them; they're being forced by a gravelly voice guy with impressive eyebrows (a priest, perhaps?) and a ruthless female doctor to stay pregnant and give birth. The room looks like a leftover set from "Saw," except with walls covered in religious paintings and symbols. Maybe writer Ken Del Vecchio has been listening to "Papa Don't Preach" a little too much? Get More »

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Staff Picks: Our Worst Movie Nightmares


Everyone's afraid of something (spiders... zombies... math...) but what sets your pulse racing is highly subjective.  We've heard "The Exorcist" called "the scariest movie of all time," yet certain members of our editorial staff claim to yawn through every projectile emission from Linda Blair's mouth.

Those same someones nearly have an embolism at the mere mention of the clown from "Poltergeist." Different strokes for different folks, we guess.

Until we heard about "Buried." We all agree that being entombed with a lighter, cell phone and a limited air supply is the stuff of nightmares. But aside from an apparently universal fear of suffocation, there's a wide array of movies that push our personal buttons.

Here are the NextMovie staff picks for Films That Depict Our Worst Nightmares. Get More »

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