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Let's Be Brutally Honest About 'Skyfall'

One of the last year's highest-grossing films, "Skyfall," electrified the James Bond franchise with an ass-kicking performance by Daniel Craig that made us all go, "Pierce who?" (JK, luv u, Brosnan!)

Screen Junkies has tackled the caper, enlisting it as the newest focus of their hilarious franchise, "Honest Trailers." And a slew of important questions arise. Get More »

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'Inception' Finally Explained in Honest Trailer

There were a lot of confusing and intriguing sci-fi films last year — "Looper" and "Prometheus" both come to mind right off the bat — but as interesting as those films might have been, frankly we didn't really have the energy to even try to figure them out. The reason? We're still busy puzzling over 2010's "Inception." What does it mean?

Just think of all the mental anguish we could have been spared if only the new "Inception" clip from the folks at Honest Trailers had been available back then. Get More »

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Holy Plot Holes, Batman! 'TDKR' Gets an Honest Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros.

"The movie that will mildly entertain you while you're watching it, but will ultimately anger and disappoint you when you really start to think about it."

We've apparently reached the point where it's okay/cool to criticize/make fun of "The Dark Knight Rises," as Screen Junkies has unleashed a Gotham City edition of its not always accurate yet almost always entertaining mashup series, Honest Trailers. Get More »

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(Brutally) Honest Trailer For 'The Avengers'

The Avengers Marvel

"A villain so determined you'll wonder why he's uniting the only people who can stop him ... in hopes of getting them to dislike each other."

Sure, "The Avengers" isn't a perfect film. We think even its most dedicated fans and diehard defenders realize that (well, at least realize that some people think that it isn't a perfect film). But it was so damn exciting to see all these beloved characters together, kicking alien ass and bickering with each other that you kind of just let it all wash over you and didn't think too hard on the flaws (for the most part). Get More »

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