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'Paradise' Trailer: Diablo Cody Takes the Director's Chair

For her directorial debut, Diablo Cody stepped into rather familiar territory indeed: A young woman experiences one of life's many crises and takes her sweet ole' time figuring out what the heck to do about it, all the while dishing out zingy one-liners and palling up with a few new, weird people.

The trailer for her "Paradise," formerly titled "Lamb of God," features Julianne Hough in series of hideous blonde wigs as Lamb (yes, Lamb), a conservative little church girl — a devout member "since she was knee high to a bug" — whose faith gets rattled up once she survives a plane crash, or as she calls the experience, being "barbecued in jet fuel."  Get More »

The Best & Worst Boston Accents in Movies

The Fighter Paramount

There's something about the Boston accent in cinema that forces actors to feel like they really have to nail it. Of course, there are movies set in other cities (Chicago or New York, for example) featuring normally straight-voiced actors straining to sound like they're from the area. But it's not as seemingly mandatory as it is with a Boston-set movie. Get More »

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9 Movie Moms We Wish Were Ours

Easy A

We love our mothers. We wouldn't be here without them. As the years tick by, we become grateful for all the stuff that Mom bugged us about at the time – eating our vegetables, not sitting too close to the television, wearing warm clothes, paying attention in school, etc.

But sometimes, we wish our moms were a little cooler, and more like the ones we see in movies. Our moms grounded us for calling people names and wouldn't let us go to concerts. Movie moms fought killer robots, let their sons tour with rock bands... Our moms freaked out if we got home late, but movie moms are just glad you survived your fight with an evil wizard or supervillain. Get More »

Our 15 Favorite Idiots (in Movies)

Paul Rudd in Our Idiot Brother
Weinstein Co.

They say the U.S. doesn't make things anymore -- that we've lost our way and are no longer No. 1.

Well, "they" are wrong. No country on Earth is capable of producing the quantity, quality and quantity of idiots that our fair land churns out with alarming regularity.

Affable favorite Paul Rudd continues the proud tradition of representing our country's most common commodity in "Our Idiot Brother," nwe on DVD and Blu-ray this week. But can he be stupid enough to join the ranks of elite morons, or does he still have a few more brain cells to kill? Let's review his imbecilic competition. Get More »

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Ed Westwick Will Gossip in High English for 'Romeo and Juliet'

Getty Images

A new, cinematic version of Shakespeare's classic romantic tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" is in the works and needs a young man to play Tybalt, a high and mighty prick who loves to ruffle feathers. Hmm, who could pull that off?

It seems the production team went with the most obvious (and perfect) choice: Ed Westwick, a.k.a. Chuck Bass, resident slimeball and trickster on CW's "Gossip Girl." The actor has been tapped to play the role of Juliet's cousin, reports Variety,  alongside recent Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld, who is set to play the titular female lead.

Hey, nothing wrong with riding the coattails of an 15-year-old if it means you get to be on the big screen! Get More »

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