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13 Hollywood Loopers

Columbia Pictures Columbia Pictures

The visual effects department had to do a pretty bang-up job to make Joseph Gordon-Levitt look even remotely similar to a young yippee ki-yaying mother-f---er Bruce Willis in Rian Johnson's time-hopping "Looper," but since Hollywood's baddest, baldest ass-kicker was blessed with three daughters and no sons in real life, there wasn't much of a choice. Sure, all that pain and suffering ultimately paid off, but there are some people who've got it way, way easier. Get More »

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See Baby Leonardo DiCaprio Audition for 'The Outsiders'

Darren Julien and Martin Nolan of Julien's Auction House brought a valuable property with them to "Today," where Matt Lauer was bestowed early audition tapes featuring A-list movie stars. Three casting directors have released these 54 tapes to the public, and if you have $2000-$4000 bucks to spare (as Julien estimates the bidding prices), you may need a very good reason to buy a VCR...or a VHS-to-DVD converter. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Skyfall' and More


This week: Daniel Craig returns as 007 in arguably the best Bond film ever (or at least in decades), "Skyfall," co-starring Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw.

Also new this week is the coming-of-age drama "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" with Emma Watson, RZA trying to do Quentin Tarantino proud in "The Man with the Iron Fists" and the sexually frank drama "The Sessions" starring Helen Hunt. Get More »

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Oscar Nominees React to Being Un-Snubbed

Jennifer Lawrence Getty Images

Oscar might be the word of the day, but for some folks, their own names were what rung loudest and proudest during this morning's 2013 Academy Award nominations read-out. Sure, some of them were just as baffled by some of the snubs as the vociferous folks of the Twitterverse, but they couldn't complain too much because, hey, they just got a chance at the most elite prize in the biz.

So, in the day's spirit of actors and such talking about actors and such, we've gathered here the nominees' various reactions to this year's nods. You can probably read between the lines on a few of these.

Best Actresses

Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook": "I'm so honored and grateful for this nomination and to be in the company of such talented actresses. Having the fortunate opportunity to work with David O. Russell was an extraordinary gift and I am so thrilled for my fellow cast members Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver who are all nothing short of amazing. This was a labor of love that we all poured our hearts into and could not be more thankful to The Weinstein Company and Harvey Weinstein for their unyielding support of the film" (ET Online). Get More »

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Who Got Naked in Movies This Year?

Screen Gems

Ahh, the year in skin.

It's not the golden "Deep Throat" years of the '70s anymore, it's the age of the Internet and no one really goes to the movies to see nudity, but women proved they were hungry for some beefcake with the wild success of "Magic Mike." Meanwhile, A-list actresses bared it all for some compelling reasons that were absolutely integral to the script… hehe.

Here's our comprehensive list of major celebs who got in the buff so perverts could post screengrabs on Internet forums. Get More »

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Helen Hunt and John Hawkes Awe in 'The Sessions'

Helen Hunt in "The Sessions" Fox Searchlight

An unqualified triumph at this year's Sundance Film Festival (where it nabbed both the Audience and Special Jury Prize awards), "The Sessions" has the surefire potential to go all the way. And, by that, we mean to the Oscars, baby.

Based on the autobiographical writings of California-based journalist and poet Mark O'Brien, "The Sessions" tells O'Brien's story of how he made the most out of his life, despite being hindered by an iron lung. At the outset of the drama, written and directed by Ben Lewin, O'Brien (an Oscar-worthy John Hawkes giving the performance of his career) confides in his priest (William H. Macy) that he's determined to finally lose his virginity at 38 years old. To his surprise, his priest eggs him on, leading to an appointment with Cheryl, a professional sex surrogate (a brave and unforgettable Helen Hunt making a huge comeback), to help make O'Brien's dream a reality. Get More »

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'The Sessions' Trailer: Sex in an Iron Lung

Helen Hunt and John Hawkes in "Six Sessions"
Fox Searchlight

By now, you're probably pretty much familiar with the birds and the bees. After all, it's pretty much a universal experience: Boy meets girl (or another boy, whichever), the two fall in love, one thing leads to another and then the next thing you know you're stuck in an iron lung for the rest of your life hoping a sex therapist can save your soul.

Or ... actually, maybe that experience is more specific than universal. Guess you'll just have to watch the new trailer for "The Sessions" to find out, huh? Get More »

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'The Idiot' Lures Jackson Rathbone and Erika Christensen

Getty Images

I hope you guys have been doing your English homework -- and no, CliffsNotes do not count.

Jackson Rathbone and Erika Christensen have signed on the dotted line to star in "The Idiot," based on the novel of the same name by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Rathbone's most famous for being creepy Jasper Hale in the "Twilight" franchise, so tackling the lead role (we're assuming) of Prince Myshkin in Dostoyevsky's tome is definitely a big switcheroo for the young actor. Myshkin is described as a Christ-like figure, too innocent for the high society of St. Petersburg and its debauched sexytimes and social wheelings and dealings. Get More »

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'Soul Surfer' Aims for the Heart and Catches the Wave

Sonya Balmores and Christie Brooke in "Soul Surfer"

Inspirational sport movies are dangerous monsters: more often then not, they devolve into over-the-top sap, relying more on seemingly earnest conversations about motivation and the human spirit. Blah, blah, blah -- where's the actual sport!?

Director Sean McNamara's "Soul Surfer" has plenty of its own heart-to-heart conversations and shout-outs to a higher power, but at its core, the movie's about surfing -- the religious experience that comes with diving into a wave and spinning it into a chariot of H2O. Get More »

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