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50 Upcoming Movie Remakes (Yep, 50!)

Dirty Dancing
Vestron Pictures

Whenever a movie studio announces plans for another remake, the reaction among fans and pundits is always the same: Hollywood doesn't have any new ideas.

But we like to look on the bright side of things, which is why we're so happy when we hear of a cool remake or reboot. Hey, who needs new ideas when there are already so many great old ideas waiting to be rediscovered?

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of 50 — that's right, 50! — upcoming Hollywood remakes that tickle our fancy. Because if these films were good the first time, you never know, you might just enjoy them even more the second time around. Get More »

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The 15 Sexiest Animated Ladies Ever

In anticipation of the upcoming 3-D release of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," we've been reminiscing about this gorgeously crafted, beautifully scored work of art and have come to one conclusion: Belle's a hottie.

Don't judge us. Our earliest visions of female beauty are gleaned from the hand-painted pictures of large-eyed, impossibly proportioned princesses. They sing and dance and fall in love with ugly beasts, filling us with unrealistic dreams doomed to die slow deaths. That's the magic of Disney!

Is it healthy to lust after two-dimensional caricatures? Probably not. But are we actually objectifying women if they're not, actually, women? Definitely. So, with that healthy dose of self-awareness, it's time to rate which cartoon babes we'd most like to comic strip.

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Robert Rodriguez Will Rock Out With 'Heavy Metal,' More 'Machete'

Robert Rodriguez
Getty Images

If there's anyone who can probably get a new "Heavy Metal" movie made, it's Robert Rodriguez.

The "Spy Kids" director surprised everyone at the San Diego Comic-Con with news that his new media company, Quick Draw Productions, would set sail with a new animated anthology of leering adolescent fantasies.

Wait, wasn't David Fincher supposed to do "Heavy Metal?" And with a bunch of A-list directors like James Cameron lined up to direct segments featuring buxom babes with spears and spaceships and all that? Get More »

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