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'Artemis Fowl' Adaptation Makes Unlikely Bedfellows of Disney and Weinstein

Miramax Miramax

Ever since "Harry Potter" made its big screen debut 12 years ago and started on its way to becoming the highest grossing films series of all time, every studio in Hollywood has been hard at work trying to find the next series of fantasy novels to adapt for the big screen. From "The Golden Compass" to "The Mortal Instruments" to "Percy Jackson and [Ridiculously Long Subtitle]," no stone has gone un-turned in the quest for the magic ticket to box office fortune.

But for Disney, it turns out the answer may have been right under their nose the whole time, as the studio is (in a surprising turn of Tinseltown events) teaming up with The Weinstein Company to adapt Disney Publishing's bestselling "Artemis Fowl" series. Get More »

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'Mandela' Trailer: Meet the Freedom Fighter

It usually takes more than a week for a full-on trailer to follow up a film's teaser vid, but since yesterday was the 95th birthday of the unconquerable Nelson Mandela himself, The Weinstein Company decided to make an exception. And what a celebration it was.

In the biopic, Idris Elba stars as Nelson Mandela, the South African revolutionary who stood up against an oppressive, divisive government and spent 27 years in prison before being released and later chosen as the nation's first democratically-elected president. Get More »

'Mandela' Teaser: It's Been a 'Long Walk' for South Africa's Hero

Man, oh man, we're calling it now: Justin Chadwick's Nelson Mandela biopic, "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom," is just going to own us all.

The first teaser trailer for The Weinstein Company's latest gut-wrencher is in, and as simple and obscure as it is — Idris Elba as the aging South African civil rights hero is shown walking along an open meadow pathway before a group of children start prancing around him — it's also effective at bringing on all the feels. Get More »

'The Butler' Title Saga, Part II: Harvey Weinstein Responds

the-butler-1 "The Butler" Trailer

Last week, we wrote about the controversy surrounding the title of "The Butler", an upcoming film starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey.

The ongoing Warner Bros. vs. Weinstein Company dispute hit new highs on Tuesday, when Mr. Harvey Weinstein himself appeared on "CBS This Morning" to discuss the feud, along with TWC lawyer David Boies, MPAA Chairman-CEO Chris Dodd, and First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams. Get More »

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Oscar Nominees React to Being Un-Snubbed

Jennifer Lawrence Getty Images

Oscar might be the word of the day, but for some folks, their own names were what rung loudest and proudest during this morning's 2013 Academy Award nominations read-out. Sure, some of them were just as baffled by some of the snubs as the vociferous folks of the Twitterverse, but they couldn't complain too much because, hey, they just got a chance at the most elite prize in the biz.

So, in the day's spirit of actors and such talking about actors and such, we've gathered here the nominees' various reactions to this year's nods. You can probably read between the lines on a few of these.

Best Actresses

Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook": "I'm so honored and grateful for this nomination and to be in the company of such talented actresses. Having the fortunate opportunity to work with David O. Russell was an extraordinary gift and I am so thrilled for my fellow cast members Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver who are all nothing short of amazing. This was a labor of love that we all poured our hearts into and could not be more thankful to The Weinstein Company and Harvey Weinstein for their unyielding support of the film" (ET Online). Get More »

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'Lord of the Rings' Was Almost One Movie Directed by John Madden

Cate Blanchett in "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" New Line

Peter Jackson has been making the rounds promoting this latest fantasy epic but recently, "The Hobbit" director and his co-screenwriters, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, revealed they almost lost "The Lord of the Rings" series to a different director and screenwriting team.

When Jackson and the writers went to Harvey Weinstein for the green light, they pitched doing "The Hobbit" first and (if it was successful) two "Lord of the Rings" movies after. Because of the way the rights were set up, however, Weinstein wanted them to do "The Lord of the Rings" first, and in only one movie. Get More »

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'The Master' Wins, Then Loses, Top Prize at Venice

The Master
The Weinstein Company

In the movie equivalent of awarding every player on a children's soccer team a trophy just for showing up, the Venice Film Festival invoked special rules over the weekend to prevent Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" from winning their top honor after jurors had awarded the film too many prizes.

Apparently there is such a thing as being too good. Get More »

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President Obama's Dream Running Mate: Catwoman

Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises
Warner Bros.

With the presidential election heating up it's only natural for the candidates to begin delivering more politically charged rhetoric. After all, not only do they need to get their voting base pumped up, they also need to make headlines in order to stay on top of the ever changing news cycle.

Still, even with that being the case, today's news is a shocker: According to E! Online, President Barack Obama has given his personal endorsement to one of the world's most notorious thieves, the self-proclaimed modern day Robin Hood known only as Catwoman.

Guess the president really took this whole 99% thing to heart after all. Get More »

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'Bully' Pulls Some Punches For a PG-13

Weinstein Company

Bullies and non-bullies under 17 can now see "Bully" without an accompanying parent or adult guardian.

The Motion Picture Association of America has granted a PG-13 rating to a new cut of the controversial documentary, "Bully," that was recently submitted by The Weinstein Company. This decision by the MPAA is a "huge victory for the parents, educators, lawmakers and, most importantly, children everywhere who have been fighting for months for the appropriate PG-13 rating without cutting some of the most sensitive moments," according to a press release from TWC. Get More »

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Weinstein Won't Be Bullied By the MPAA Any Longer


One of the most insidious and pervasive dangers facing youth today is the widespread problem of bullying, both in school and online. But today, the battle against bullying gained a new and unexpected champion: The Weinstien Company founder Harvey Weinstein, who according to Variety has decided to stand up to the movie industry's own big bully, the MPAA, by releasing the documentary "Bully" without a rating.

This time, the victims have a voice. Get More »

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