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'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Trailer: Chris Pine is a Fine Spy

Chris Pine — or, as we like to refer to him around here, Captain Fine — is the the fourth Hollywood mandude to step into the spytastic shoes of the late Tom Clancy's CIA operative extraordinaire Jack Ryan for "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit." Alongside the release of the film's first trailer via Yahoo! Movies today, Pine's paying a little lip service to his esteemed predecessors. Get More »

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15 Movie Star Moments That Will Warm Your Cold Heart

Hellboy and Friend Make-a-Wish

Between their frequent arrests, desperate need for attention and outrageously high earnings, celebrities tend to draw a lot of ire from the public. But sometimes it's easy to forget that famous people, just like everyday people, range from vapid and self-absorbed to completely cool, friendly and generous.

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of moments that will hopefully restore your faith in the ability of the rich and famous to be totally awesome. Get More »

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'Expendables 3': Mel Gibson's Gone Bad

Mel Gibson Getty Images

Do we smell a comeback? We're all for being optimistic… but let's give it the ol' wait and see.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Mel Gibson has signed on to "The Expendables 3", the third installment of Sylvester Stallone's explosion-filled, testosterone-heavy action series. Gibson will play the film's resident bad guy, confirming previous rumors that the actor/director was in talks for the franchise. He will join an impressive collection of action stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas, Milla Jovovich and Jackie Chan. Get More »

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Harrison Ford Joins 'The Expendables 3,' Stallone Slams Bruce Willis

Getty Images Getty Images

Someone boost Harrison Ford's ego — it would seem he's feeling a bit expendable these days.

Ford will join the cast of actioner "The Expendables 3," The Hollywood Reporter reported this afternoon, replacing departing star Bruce Willis, for whom action legend Stallone had some harsh words. Get More »

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'Star Wars: Episode VII' Start Date, Fake Title Revealed?

LucasFilms LucasFilms

We're all looking forward to seeing Disney and J.J. Abrams carrying on various staples of "Star Wars" and a UK fan-site seems to have revealed another example.

Super-fans know that "Return of the Jedi" (originally titled "Revenge of the Jedi," until a very educated super-fan pointed out the philosophical problem with that title) went under the working title "Blue Harvest" back in 1982, to hide the production from the prying eyes of press and people dressed up like Darth Vader. ("Blue Harvest" has since been referenced by Family Guy, The Simpsons, Dark Horse Comics and more.)

And this was before TMZ existed, so imagine the secrecy that is going to be required for "Star Wars Episode VII." It looks like the sneaky working title this time around is going to be "Foodles."

Yes, as in, the Disney themed snack product at the grocery store. Get More »

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Stars Test Their Sci-fi Knowledge in 'Geeks Or Poseurs?' The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Edition

San Diego Comic-Con is the one event where your spellbinding knowledge of "Star Wars" will get you mad dates. But while you're rattling off those Darth Vader facts like a geek champ, you can't help but notice the droves of people that wish they were on your level. And guess what? Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman and  Aaron Eckhart are on that list. Get More »

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Harrison Ford's Comic-Con Experience In 6 Snarky Comments

Getty Images Getty Images

Harrison Ford is not necessarily known for his kind demeanor and warm manner, especially when it comes to his dealings with pop culture aficionados. The 71-year-old actor doesn't come near a lightsaber or whip these days, avoiding almost any and all fan gratification or throwbacks to the roles he's most famous for, Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

In 2010, Ford was led out onstage in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center for his very first appearance at Comic-Con, the annual gathering of the nerd tribe. The actor was handcuffed, accompanied by two police officers. For his efforts, fans greeted him with a minutes-long standing ovation.

All this is to say that while it was surprising that the notoriously grouchy Ford came back to the convention — in a promotional push for the upcoming "Ender's Game" — it was to the surprise of no one that he got a little, well, sassy.

Ahead, here are our six favorite snarky comments Harrison Ford has made at Comic-Con, accompanied by his best "you have got to be kidding me" facial expressions at Thursday's Hall H panel. Get More »

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Harrison Ford Believes J.J. Abrams Can Deliver 'Star Wars'

It was an especially exciting day at the San Diego Comic-Con as attendees were in the presence of none other than Han Solo and Indiana Jones himself.

Harrison Ford was at the Con to promote his new sci-fi adventure film, "Ender's Game," but the conversation inevitably turned to the future of "Star Wars" during an interview in the MTV Livestream room. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Evil Dead' and More

Evil Dead FilmDistrict

This week: The Deadites get an upgrade in "Evil Dead," a remake/reboot of Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead" about an ancient book that unleashes terrible demonic forces on a group of young people staying at a remote cabin in the woods.

Also new this week is the Jackie Robertson sports biopic "42" with Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman, "Bullet to the Head" with Sylvester Stallone and a Criterion Collection Blu-ray for the 1963 version of "Lord of the Flies." Get More »

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'Ender's Game': Orson Scott Card Wants You to Tolerate His LGBT Intolerance

Summit Ent. Summit Ent.

UPDATE (7/12/13): Lionsgate has now issued the following official statement to Deadline:

"As proud longtime supporters of the LGBT community, champions of films ranging from 'Gods and Monsters' to 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and a company that is proud to have recognized same-sex unions and domestic partnerships within its employee benefits policies for many years, we obviously do not agree with the personal views of Orson Scott Card and those of the National Organization for Marriage. However, they are completely irrelevant to a discussion of 'Ender’s Game.' The simple fact is that neither the underlying book nor the film itself reflect these views in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, the film not only transports viewers to an entertaining and action-filled world, but it does so with positive and inspiring characters who ultimately deliver an ennobling and life-affirming message. Lionsgate will continue its longstanding commitment to the LGBT community by exploring new ways we can support LGBT causes and, as part of this ongoing process, will host a benefit premiere for 'Ender’s Game.'" Get More »

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