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Twisted Valentines From Movie Characters

Valentine's Day is great for getting cards and candy and flowers and stuff. But some people take the concept of "Be Mine" to rather sinister and even psychotic levels.

No, we're not talking about anyone's ex (well, not in particular, anyway). We speak of the diabolical romantics that make for some of cinema's most memorable and twisted villains. This Valentine's Day, you should recall a different holiday and be thankful that you're not the one receiving some of the sentiments below.

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The 9 Most Spine-Shivering Moments in Movies

Fox Searchlight

With critics figuratively swooning and audiences literally fainting, Danny Boyle's disarming new film "127 Hours" has become the "Dare I see it?" movie of the season.

The inspirational tale chronicles the real-life ordeal of hiker Aron Ralston (James Franco), who became trapped under a boulder and cut off his own arm to escape. The graphic depiction has left the squeamish running for the exits and us reminiscing about scenes we love to watch through our fingers. Get More »

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