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Hot People Looking Hot: Amanda Seyfried Photos

They say timing is everything. Lucky for Amanda Seyfried, that time is now.

Time for what, you ask? Time for the "Gone" starlet to return with her Hot People Looking Hot gallery, that's what!

After bursting onto the Hollywood scene in 2004 with "Mean Girls," Amanda has dazzled us with her romantic features in, well, romantic features. Needless to say, we're totally psyched to see her breaking hearts and hitting high notes in "Les Miserables."

And, yeah, we're also totally psyched for the excuse to celebrate her gorgeousness with a gallery. Enjoy!

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Man on a Ledge' and More

Man on a Ledge

This week: Sam Worthington plays a prison escapee who orchestrates an intricate heist while clinging to the outside of a tall building in the appropriately titled action thriller "Man on a Ledge."

Also new this week are the Amanda Seyfried thriller "Gone," the hockey-themed comedy "Goon" (no relation), and Ralph Fiennes' adaptation of Shakespeare's "Corionalus." Get More »

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How to Survive a (Movie) Kidnapping


Be it for money, bargaining purposes, or strictly out of necessity, movie characters have been getting kidnapped since silent-era evildoers began the mini industry of tying women to train tracks.

Not all kidnappers are mustache-twirling villains, though. In fact, many of them have a darn good reason and are pretty nice folks once you're forced at gunpoint to get to know them. Amanda Seyfried could sure use some do's and dont's in the new kidnap thriller "Gone," but if you ever do get kidnapped in a film, we have a few rules to live by so you don't wind up on a milk carton … or in a wood chipper. Get More »

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Amanda Seyfried Is Going, Going in 3 'Gone' Clips


"Beautiful girl, lovely dress, where she is now I can only guess." It's not just a Violent Femmes lyric, it's also a movie called "Gone" starring that big-eyed beauty Amanda Seyfried.

In this taut thriller, Seyfried plays Jill, a young woman still suffering PTSD from a kidnapping she survived. Her sister Molly comes to live with her, and when Molly vanishes, Jill has to try to track her down, possibly from her previous attacker. Where's Molly? She's gone, daddy, gone. Get More »

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Amanda Seyfried Is 'Gone,' Baby, Gone In New Trailer


The title of the movie may be "Gone," but as the new trailer for the upcoming thriller proves, Amanda Seyfried is here to stay.

Of course, that's not news to anyone who has seen Seyfried in films like "In Time," "Red Riding Hood" or "Mamma Mia!" -- not to mention her acclaimed TV drama "Big Love" -- but if you had any doubts that Seyfried was the real deal, they'll likely be "Gone" once you get a look at the brand new clip from Summit. Get More »

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Three More Stars About to Be 'Gone'

Getty Images

How do you take an upcoming thriller and make it, well, even more thrilling?

It's as simple as adding—one, two, three—hot young stars to your cast.

And that's exactly what Brazilian filmmaker Heitor Dhalia has done with his soon-to-shoot heart-pumping flick "Gone."

Jennifer Carpenter ("Dexter"), Wes Bentley ("Jonah Hex") and Emily Wickersham ("I am Number Four") have just joined the cast, which is headlined by it-girl-du-jour Amanda Seyfried, Collider reports. Get More »

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Amanda Seyfried to Face Her Fears In 'Gone'

Amanda Seyfried
Getty Images

Amanda Seyfried has been enjoying a long and romantic run on movie screens this past year, but now she's heading for the dark side.

In addition to October's "Now," she's set to star in the new thriller, "Gone," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Summit and Lakeshore just acquired the film at the European Film Market, making it the third Summit project Seyfried frontlined.

Directed by Heitor Dhalia (who is making his English feature debut), "Gone" centers on an average young woman named Jill who survived a kidnapping attempt. One night, she comes home from a long day at work, and discovers her sister has been kidnapped. She's convinced it's the same person and is determined to save her sister, even if that means hunting the big baddie herself, and confronting him once and for all. Get More »

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