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GALLERY: The Best Movie Mustaches of All Time

The mustache isn't just facial hair. It's an art form, one few are able to master.

In honor of Paul Rudd's "Super Mario Bros." makeover in "Prince Avalanche," we salute some of the finest examples of the mustache in cinema, from Robert Pattinson's bizarre turn as Salvador Dali in "Little Ashes" to Tom Selleck in just about everything. The extreme levels of testosterone may make you feel a little woozy, but that's all part of the awesome.

Browse the most masculine gallery ever and wish you could grow a mustache as mighty.

Originally published on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012.

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What 5 Other Prequels to Classics Might Look Like

If you've ever wondered what a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz" might look like, you have the answer in Sam Raimi's "Oz the Great and Powerful" — and just think, it only took 74 years to arrive.

Of course, "Oz" isn't the only classic film that's ever begged for an origin story, and with the help of our talented pal Old Red Jalopy, we know how "Gone With the Wind," "Casablanca" and more might have looked in earlier incarnations.

Behold, five prequels to film classics:
Before-The-Wind-Came Get More »

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David Hasselhoff Eyeing a 'Gone With the Wind' Remake?!

David Hasselhoff
Getty Images

As if starring in this weekend's "Piranha 3DD" wasn't a clue, David Hasselhoff hasn't stopped dreaming big.

During our exclusive interview for the horror flick, the "Baywatch" icon kept dropping hints about a yet-to-be-announced remake he's hoping to star in: one of the 1939 classic, "Gone With the Wind." Get More »

Classic Movies Subtitled for the Bro Impaired (NSFW)

Yo dawg, were you ever peepin' some crazy old movie and thought the way some chick was talkin' was bananas? Dudes used to talk whack, for real, but don't freak 'cause now things are aight, brah.

Thas right, you can chug that Smirnoff Ice and chill because some wicked tight editor guy made "Famous Scenes From Classic Films, Subtitled For Bros," and we're stoked. Get More »

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Clip-N-Send Sweet Movie Valentines


Happy Valentine's Day, lovahs.

This holiday can be tough. Maybe you're surrounded by Hallmark-sponsored, public foreplay that serves as a constant reminder of your sorry sex life. Or maybe you're just destined to fail someone's unreasonable expectations.

If you're one of the lucky ones with a flesh-and-blood Valentine (and you're looking to keep it that way), you can't just throw down a couple bucks for a mass-produced card and call it a day.

Look to the experts for help; Movie writers have been making us swoon since the first days of the talkies. We've assembled some of their finer moments in these handy clip-n-send cards. Get More »

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10 Classic Mexican Movie Posters

Santos Street

It's Cinco de Mayo -- a.k.a. the day where it's socially acceptable for white people to don sombreros and fetch that Tequiza bottle from the back of their fridge. It also reminds us of the countless classic movie posters and lobby cards Mexico released for everything from "Gone With the Wind" to "Hitler's Children."

The format was always the same: Superimpose a still from the film over selected artwork. But the results were always campy brilliance. In the spirit of the holiday, we rounded up some of our favorite Mexican versions of classic movie posters below. Get More »

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