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Reboot Culture: A Visual History of Movie Reboots

carrie300x220 MGM

Over the last few years, we've seen a ton of movie reboots coming out of Hollywood. Many hardcore fans groan in protest when a new one gets announced, but there's always enough curiosity that there's no reason to stop making them. With "Carrie" hitting theaters today and new "Godzilla" and "Robocop" films still in the works, it certainly doesn't seem like we'll see any less of them going forward. The team over at The Verge has put together a particularly awesome infographic that details the trends in reboot culture and what properties we could be seeing brand new on the big screen in the near future.

The most interesting thing that's pointed out here is that the reboots seem to be coming in cycles. Comic book film franchises, much like their source material, seem to reboot quicker than almost anything else. But, as the years have gone on, studios have had to go further and further back to find properties to relaunch. "Carrie" is a prime example, with this reboot coming nearly 40 years after the original.

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Bryan Cranston's Scientific System for Choosing His Roles

Getty Images Getty Images

These days, it seems like you can't swing a meth barrel without smacking into Bryan Cranston in one role or another. Cranston, who's been lauded for five seasons of drug-making, glasses-wearing excellence on AMC's "Breaking Bad," isn't just mixing up extra-potent crystal these days. He's in the upcoming "Godzilla" remake, is voicing the character of Jack Black's panda dad in "Kung Fu Panda 3," and he even popped up in a lil Best Picture winner by the name of "Argo." That's not even mentioning guest spots on "The Cleveland Show" and "The Simpsons," roles in the "Total Recall" remake and "Rock of Ages."

Really, cool it, Walt. Get More »

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'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' & 7 Other Movie Mulligans

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Fox

When Hollywood dishes out big bucks to make a brand name movie, there are generally some huge expectations. Sequels! Toys! A themed ride at Universal Studios!

But when that movie alienates fanboys, draws the ire of critics, is generally a pile of crap, and, most importantly, fails to make enough cash money, all bets are off. And usually, instead of humanely laying an ill-received film to rest, the powers that be beg audiences for another shot at a franchise — henceforth known as a "movie mulligan." Get More »

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'Godzilla' Comic-Con Poster Reveals a Whole Lotta Tail

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

With San Diego Comic-Con heating up today, be prepared to geek out over your favorite panels, parties, and posters — some reaching truly epic proportions.

Case in point: "Godzilla," the upcoming Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures remake of the classic Japanese tale. The teammates behind this does-the-world-really-even-need-this reboot are clearly no strangers to the convention, as they have just released a fancy pants new poster to coincide with all of their monstrous events taking place this weekend. Get More »

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10 Things to Geek Out Over at 2013 Comic-Con

The World's End Universal

Just 10?

True, there are a few more zeroes you could add to that figure when it comes to geek-worthy stuff at the San Diego Comic-Con, but how in the heck could any human being manage to experience it all over the course of only four days? Get More »

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Original 'Godzilla' Star Akira Takarada to Appear in Reboot


It has become something of a tradition in the world of Hollywood movie rebooting to feature little winks to the original versions by way of short central actor cameos. For some reason or another, the appearance of an older but familiar face within a franchise does tend give a project some credibility or at least a twinge of self-awareness. Thanks to this new set photo from the Vancouver shoot for "Godzilla," we can now know that director Gareth Edwards' upcoming "Godzilla" remake is following suit by including the original film's actor Akira Takarada. Get More »

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Chucky Vs. Godzilla: Tale of the Tape

In this corner, standing two and a half feet tall and weighing in at 18 pounds, the challenger: Chucky, the doll of pure evil! And in the other corner, standing 25 stories high with a weight of 49 tons, the J.J. Abrams' secret menace from outer space, Clover!

Okay, sure, on paper it looks like a mismatch. But just how well do your favorite movie monsters really stack up against each other? That's the question posed — and then expertly answered — by this cool infographic, which compares the heights of some of the most sinister beasts ever to grace the big screen.

Which of these terrifying creatures would win in a fight, of course, is still up to you to decide. But what size sombrero they each wear? Finally, that question has been answered once and for all. Thanks, Reddit!

(Click post image to enlarge.)

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10 Things We Need To See at Comic-Con

Warner Bros.

I've got a box of Clif Bars, a toothbrush and some unread issues of the "New 52." I'm ready for the lines, odors and sunstroke of San Diego Comic-Con.

This will be my sixth visit, so in Con years that makes it... I dunno, my hundreth. All I know is that, every year, I swear it will be my last, then I return. It's like that scene in "Black Hawk Down" when Eric Bana, exhausted from the fight, runs back into enemy territory to continue rescue operations. Only, you know, a little more heroic.

There are dozens of movies (and shows and comics and web series) that'll be pitched at SDCC. Here are the ten I'm most excited about. Get More »

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'Monsters' Director Gareth Edwards To Bring Back 'Godzilla'


Appropriately enough, the director of "Monsters" is taking on the King of the Monsters.

Gareth Edwards, the British boy wonder who brought us last year's low-budget (and strangely moving) alien invasion flick, has been chosen as the man to resurrect the big lizard and commence with the stomping of some major city, according to Heat Vision.

Legendary Pictures picked up the rights to "Godzilla" from Japan's Toho Co. last March and has been looking for just the right director to call the shots on all of the roaring, knocking over buildings and smushing of puny humans. "Monsters" was a calling card for such a gig if there ever was one. Get More »

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Godzilla's Climbing in Your City, He's Snatching Your People Up


He's big. He's green. He's very angry. And he's getting a big budget film franchise reboot. But we're not talking about "The Incredible Hulk" -- we're talking about the original King of Monsters himself, Godzilla.

And now we have a little more information about the upcoming "Godzilla" reboot from Legendary Pictures thanks to Zennie 62, which conducted an extensive interview with producer Brian Rogers about the upcoming  3D film. Get More »

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