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'Blues Brothers' And 'Ghostbusters' Immortalized As 'Garbage Pail Kids'

Luis Diaz Art

One of the biggest fads of the 1980s were "Garbage Pail Kids" cards, the irrepressible series of naughty parodies from Topps. When the Cabbage Patch Kids people couldn't take a joke and sued them, the party was over, but the legend didn't die.

Becoming highly coveted collectors items, characters like "Explorin' Norman" picking his nose through his brain continued as an underground phenomenon until the gross-out series returned in 2003.

One of the grossest (read: best) artists of homemade 'Garbage Pail Kids' is Luis Diaz, and he's taken a stab at pokin' jabs at Dan Aykroyd with cards featuring the comedian and his two most famous creations, "Ghostbusters" and "The Blue Brothers," which you can see via the artist's Flickr page. Get More »

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'555' Is the Magical Movie Phone Number

555 Supercut

You've no doubt noticed that almost every phone number in the movies starts with "555." But you may not have realized just how many movies actually mention these phone numbers.

The "555 Supercut" gathers together clips from just a handful of movies that feature the magical digits and, oh my, there are so many! Someone with a lot of free time and even more patience should put together a "Movie Phonebook" with every fictional character and business listed with their respective numbers -- there's probably a lot of overlap. Get More »

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Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Ghost?

Patrick Swayze in Ghost
Everett Collection

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Poll closes Oct. 24 at 11 p.m. ET

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7 Famous Movie Cars Redone As Pixar Characters

Cars 2

As everyone knows, those geniuses at Pixar can take any object -- a bug, a fish, a mouse -- and animate it to make it look human, with a voice and a personality to match.

And of course, don't forget cars. Pixar's 2006 "Cars" was the studio's first movie to star entirely inanimate objects, and the gamble paid off with a booming box office, Lightning McQueen lunchboxes and pup tents, and kids clamoring to see the movie fix, six, twenty times.

"Cars 2" is about to hit theaters, but we're hungry for even more anthropomorphic vehicles -- and so we started wondering what other cars Pixar could animate (maybe for the next sequel?). What would the Landspeeder from "Star Wars" look like in a Pixar movie? Or "Transformers" scallywag Bumblebee? Get More »

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Stitched-Up Movie Magic

wee little stitches

Have you ever wandered into your grandma's house and, among the endless array of dusty knick-knacks, worn out dedicates and gaudy antiques, thought "Ferris Bueller would fit in great here?"   

If so, thank goodness! We knew we weren't the only ones!  

As part of their pixelated people series, Wee Little Stitches takes some of the most celebrated characters in recent movie memory and transform them into simple, yet stylish, stitch form.  Get More »

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My Favorite Movie: Eric Balfour

Getty / MGM / Sony

"It's hard to split up 'cause there are two. My first one, because I grew up a dancer and I didn't know any better, was 'Staying Alive' with John Travolta. I didn't even know what 'Saturday Night Fever' was, I just knew 'Staying Alive' and I just wanted to be in that show at the end.

"The other for me is 'Ghostbusters.' I thought 'Ghostbusters' was a perfect comedy movie. It was a perfect blend of heart and comedy; it was scary at times, it was fun at times.'"

Reporting by MTV Radio's Anya Zadrozny. Eric Balfour can currently be seen in the sci-fi flick "Skyline," new on DVD and Blu-ray today.

More Favorite Movies: Jamie-Lynn Sigler |  Simon Pegg | Adrien Brody | David Cross | Kristin Chenoweth

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The 25 Most Essential '80s Comedies

Take Me Home Tonight
Relativity Media

The new comedy "Take Me Home Tonight" celebrates the 1980s and all its excesses, from Mercedes-worship to Frankie Goes To Hollywood telling us all to relax.

The '80s was a time of rampant materialism and mohawks, and the only way people got through it -- like WWII -- was with laughter. 

In honor of Topher Grace's nostalgic comedy, we're celebrating the 25 most-uniquely only-in-the-80's comedies, the ones where the hair was froofy, Eddie Murphy still brought the funny, and the geek inherited the Earth. Get More »

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Lady Gaga Meets the 'Ghostbusters'?!

Getty Images

It might seem wrong, if not downright heretical, to alter anything "Ghostbusters"-related, but sometimes it's too catchy not to share.

YouTube user Alex Fruen (discovered by the super-sleuths at Moviefone)  is apparently a big fan of cheesy music, as the film's theme song -- a classic, horrific reminder of 1980s synths -- gets mixed with Lady Gaga's "Love Game," arguably one of the poppiest songs of the decade.

On paper, it's suspect. But one listen shows the track's eternal catchiness (at least until tomorrow when another mashup takes its place).

Hopefully, we'll now see a new "Ghostbusters"-related outfit on the next Gaga tour complete with slime and an "Ecto 1" replica. Get More »

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Anna Faris Busts 'Ghostbusters 3' Rumor

Anna Faris
Getty Images

Anna Faris ain't afraid of no ghosts, but that doesn't mean she's going to be getting her hands messy with ectoplasm any time soon.

Back in November, the fabulous funnylady was rumored to be trying on a khaki jumpsuit to join the long-awaited "Ghostbusters 3" alongside Will Forte and Bill Hader, as well as former 'busters Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and (fingers crossed!) Bill Murray. Alas, the whispers were only that.

"I wish I could confirm that," she confessed during an interview to promote her new film, "Take Me Home Tonight." "I am not attached -- it's a rumor that's flying around."

However, she's totally game for the gig. Get More »

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'Ghostbusters' Gets 'Inception'-ized


We thought we were "Inception"-ed out after Christopher Nolan's mindscrew inspired countless reams of parodies, mashups and analyses.

But you know our rule: If it involves Bill Murray and is even semi-clever, we shan't waste a second getting it up on the site. Watch as  Zack Hemsey's "Mind Heist," the music playing behind the "Inception" trailer, transforms Ivan Reitman's playful comedy into a gravitas-heavy melodrama. Get More »

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