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Putin Grants Gerard Depardieu Russian Citizenship to Help Him Get Out of French Tax Kerfuffle

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Gerard Depardieu, the French actor who most recently appeared in the mega-blockbuster "Life of Pi" and who has waged a war against a proposed super-tax on millionaires in France, has won a small battle. Well, not really, but he has been granted Russian citizenship. Which has gotta be worth something. Get More »

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Remember Him? It's Gerard Depardieu!

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Remember this guy?

French actor Gérard Depardieu last made headlines just over a year ago for something bad he depar-did: peeing in the aisle of an Air France flight after a stewardess told him to return to his seat.

Now, if you're still like, "Gérard Depar-who?" that's okay too. Although he has nearly 200 credits to his name on IMDb, the actor mostly appears in French films. On these shores, he's best known for his roles in "My Father the Hero," "The Man in the Iron Mask," and "Cyrano de Bergerac." Get More »

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Oscar's French Connection

The Artist
The Weinstein Company

The unofficial theme of the 2012 awards season could be "Vive la France," with the French-helmed "The Artist" picking up dozens of awards and going into Oscar night with 10 nominations, second only to 11 nods for "Hugo."

The movie has picked up wins for director Michel Hazanavicius and leading man Jean Dujardin at the BAFTAs, Critics Choice, Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild Awards, as well as a multitude of trophies for the film, its score, art direction, editing and costumes. It's not just picking up steam, it's a veritable awards locomotive.

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With "The Artist" positioned so strongly for the Academy Awards, and its key players, including nominated costar Bérénice Bejo, being French (even though the film was shot entirely in Los Angeles, where it is set during the dawn of the talkies), we decided to take a look at the roster of other French talent that has broken out of the foreign film category to become part of Oscar history. Get More »

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Gerard Depardieu Has 'A Lot of Pee'

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You may remember a few weeks ago when French actor Gerard Depardieu got himself kicked off a plane for, ahem, relieving himself in the aisle. Classy.

Defending his actions, the actor took to the television waves to explain his side of the story—which can basically be summed up in his statement, "I am an elephant… I have a lot of pee." Get More »

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Mel Gibson Continues His Journey Back to Normalcy with 'Sleight of Hand'

Mel Gibson
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The past few years haven't been kind to "Lethal Weapon" star and "Passion of the Christ" director Mel Gibson. Or, rather, he hasn't been so kind to them.

Either way, Gibson isn't letting personal problems or his public persona stand in the way of an acting career. He's garnered high praise for his latest film "The Beaver," which recently debuted in American theaters, and now he's riding the wave, already honing in on his next project: the heist comedy, "Sleight of Hand."

The crime flick will star Gibson alongside Kiefer Sutherland (who is racking up projects at Cannes like nobody's business), famed French actor Gerard Depardieu, Thomas Jane (HBO's "Hung") and "Saturday Night Live" alum Jon Lovitz. The movie revolves around a group of burglars in Paris who accidently steal a rare coin belonging to a local gangster. Hijinks inevitably ensue. Get More »

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Before They Were Famous: Katherine Heigl in 'My Father the Hero'

My Father the Hero
Everett Collection

Oh, how 1994 seems sooo long ago. Bill Clinton was president, "Internet" was a scary new word, and the lumbering, shaggy-haired Frenchman Gerard Depardieu was a bona fide A-list movie star.

The '94 family comedy "My Father the Hero" may have the distinction of being the film that put a swift end to Depardieu's brief stint as a Hollywood leading man (see also "Green Card"), but we'd rather think of it as the film that introduced us to "Life As We Know It" star Katherine Heigl, who played Gerard's fastidious 14-year-old (sorry, 14-and-a-half-year-old) daughter.

Get More »

Shakespeare Becomes Science Fiction With ‘Henry 5′

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A sci-fi movie based on a Shakespeare play?

Hey, it's been done before -- remember "Forbidden Planet," the 1956 take on "The Tempest?" That was back when Leslie Nielsen was actually trying to be taken seriously as an actor.

Serious thespian types are certainly lined up for "Henry 5," a post-apocalyptic take on the Bard's "Henry V," including Michael Caine, Ray Winstone and Gerard Depardieu. Get More »

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French Actor Slams French Actress; Oh, It Is ON

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For the last 20 years, Gerard Depardieu has been busting his chops in a still-futile effort to become a Hollywood A-list star. Sure, he's gotten some leading roles -- hello, "Green Card" -- yet he's never managed to have quite the same success stateside as he enjoys back in his homeland of France.

But you know who has? Juliette Binoche. And boy, is Depardieu pissed about it. Get More »

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