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'Gravity' Rockets to Box Office Victory

Gravity Warner Bros.

There wasn't much doubt which film was going to win the box office title this weekend, and sure enough it was "Gravity" riding buzzworthy performances by superstars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney to a $55.6 million debut according to

That set a new October record. Needless to say, it was also more than enough to beat out returning champ "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which held strong with $21.5 million. And both films crushed new release "Runner Runner," which fizzled out at just $7.6 million despite the presence of both Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck.

Next week should be interesting, with Tom Hanks headlining the drama "Captain Phillips." For now, though, you can check out the full box office top ten over at

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George Clooney's Resume: How He Got to Space

Gravity Warner Bros.

On your morning commute you may have noticed posters for "Gravity" — featuring George Clooney's helmeted head floating through the majesty of outer space — and wondered, "How did that dude land such a sweet gig?" One word: Experience.

Clooney may be a god among men, but he has to submit his resume for jobs just like everyone else, and getting to star in Oscar-bait opposite Sandra Bullock isn't for greenhorn thesps. Get More »

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The 13 Most Surprising Producer Credits in Movies

Leonardo DiCaprio & Red Riding Hood Getty Images / Warner Bros.

Sure producers accept the award when a movie wins Best Picture at the Oscars and get to say awesome things like "I'll make you a star, kid!," but what the hell does a producer actually do?

Well, the answer is sometimes everything from coordinating the script's development, financing and hiring the film's director ... and sometimes doing little beyond having a famous name and giving a thumbs-up at the movie's premiere. However, we're sure the following famous folks, who have had surprising producer credits on a variety of flicks, were more hands-on types when it came to getting these 13 movies made. Get More »

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'Gravity' Trailer: Life In Space Is Impossible

If you weren't already freaked the eff out by the two teaser trailers for Alfonso Cuarón's space thriller "Gravity" — an intentionally ironic name, since the whole movie's about being helpless in zero grav — here's a full-length trailer that's ought to do the trick. Get More »

'Monuments Men' Trailer: George Clooney Is Building a (Handsome) Team

Here's a theory we'd like to put out in the universe: George Clooney's handsomeness is made exponentially more handsome when he surrounds himself with other handsome people. That's why he does it so often. It's like a brain trust of handsomeness.

It would seem the glow from Clooney's star turns in super-handsome ensemble flick "Ocean's 11" and its sequels has faded slightly, so he would like to head to the handsomeness bank and make a handsome withdrawal. (OK, sorry, done saying handsome now. Just once more: handsome.) Enter "Monuments Men," stage left. Get More »

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'Gravity' Trailer: In Space, No One Can Hear Sandra Bullock Scream

Shudder ... That's pretty much the reaction you'll get from watching this new trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's bone chilling space venture, "Gravity."

Whereas the first teaser trailer for the pic allowed in some of the fun and breathtaking view perks of traveling 372 miles above Earth before hurling its pair of poor astronauts (George Clooney and Sandra Bullock) into the neverending abyss of the universe, this bad boy just jumps right into the frightening bits.

Get More »

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Disney's 'Tomorrowland' Comes into Now with Britt Robertson

Getty Images Getty Images

Anyone who's ever been to the Magic Kingdom well knows that Tomorrowland is the pseudo-futuristic hubspace of Walt Disney World, where attractions like Space Mountain and the Carousel of Progress are housed and people go to oooh and ahhh over all the techno-gadgetry on display.

So, when Walt Disney Pictures started in on a "Tomorrowland" feature film concept, certain things were considered a given about the project, even if the studio was bent on keeping details as quiet as a ... mouse (see what we did there?) ... like the fact that it'd be futuristic in nature (duh) and that it'd probably lean towards the man-made marvel aspect of things, given the theme of the park. But how about the fact that there'll also be half-girl-half-robots and alternate universes and such! Oh, you had to know it'd be something crazy-pants what with Damon Lindelof on board as a co-writer.

Disney has cast "Under the Dome" actress Britt Robertson as "a high school girl with an unconventional understanding of technology is launched on a journey to reclaim her future," a descriptor which all but confirms what has been suspected for a while now. Get More »

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'Gravity' Trailer is What Space Nightmares Are Made Of

Houston, we have one heckuva problem.

The first teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" dropped last night by way of Warner Bros. UK, and now we basically can't stop thinking about it (or dreaming about it). Get More »

9 Actors Whose Voices Are Too Distinct For Animation

The Croods DreamWorks

Doing an animated film must be an absolute blast for an actor. Show up in your pajamas. No time in hair and makeup. Don't shave your fu manchu. All that the film's producers need is your voice — your sweet, golden, $20-million-a-picture pipes.

For some actors, however, that's a problem. It's no one's fault; in fact, it's often a testament to their on-screen success with other endeavors. But there are a certain group of thespians whose voices are just too damn distinct to hide behind a cartoon character. They might deliver a fine performance, but it just doesn't quite work because we all know their voice so well. Get More »

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17 Movie Stars Get Animated

The Croods DreamWorks

Practically every mega-star in Hollywood has gotten animated.

Tom Hanks was a toy. George Clooney was a fox. Eddie Murphy was an ass a donkey. And in the prehistoric adventure "The Croods,"  Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds play a cavegirl, a caveman and a caveboy, respectively.

We wondered what these stars would look like as animated people rather than as, you know, animals and neanderthals and stuff. Thanks to these 17 portraits, we've replaced our wondering with works of art. Get More »

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