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J.Law's Getting a Two-Time Reunion with 'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross

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Gary Ross ditched out "The Hunger Games" franchise while it was still a way hot commodity, leaving the seat toasty warm for director Francis Lawrence to slide in and helm "Catching Fire" and both installments to "Mockingjay."

Ross declared that it was the tight turnaround schedule for movie two which turned him around from wanting to handle the sequel at all, but he never stopped singing the praises of his leading lady Jennifer Lawrence (because obviously).

J.Law herself is a known director loyalist, so if you're one of those who totally hearted the Ross/Lawrence combo pack — yeah, we saw that tribute video — you're doubly in luck because it looks the duo'll team up again for not one but two other book-to-screen adaptations.

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'The Hunger Games' According to Director Kevin Tancharoen: What Could've Been

The Hunger Games

When it comes to "The Hunger Games," we were very pleased with what director Gary Ross cooked up for the film adaptation.

It turned out to be a good movie and a great book-to-film adaptation, and we couldn't imagine it in anyone else's hands. That is, until we saw what "Fame" and "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" director Kevin Tancharoen presented as a pitch trailer for Lionsgate studio on the project. Get More »

Liam Hemsworth Blows Hot and Cold On 'Catching Fire' Changes

Liam Hemsworth as Gale in "The Hunger Games"

Usually when a movie make a bazillion dollars and becomes an international pop culture phenomenon, the studio tries their darndest to duplicate that success as faithfully as possible. You know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But Lionsgate has decided to go the opposite direction with "The Hunger Games" sequel "Catching Fire" — and now Liam Hemsworth is finally speaking out about those changes.

And let's just say he has mixed emotions. Get More »

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'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross Might Tackle 'Houdini' Next

Gary Ross directs The Hunger Games

When "The Hunger Games" director Gary Ross bowed out of the sequel "Catching Fire," he cited "the fixed and tight production schedule" as his reason. Rumors swirled then that Ross might have another project (a script of his own making) in mind for his next project, but now it looks like he might be tackling the world of "Houdini" for Lionsgate's Summit Entertainment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross is in negotiations to direct "Houdini," an adaptation of the William Kalush and Larry Sloman 2006 biography "The Secret Life of Houdini, The Making of America's First Superhero" which suggested that real-life magician Harry Houdini had a hand in some British espionage activity during his prime. Summit, long before being purchased by Lionsgate, nabbed the film rights to the book in 2009 and had Noah Oppenheim pen the script. Get More »

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Josh Hutcherson 'Extremely Sad' Gary Ross Not Returning to 'Games'

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Earlier this month, Josh Hutcherson was adamant in his belief that Gary Ross was the only guy for the director job of "Catching Fire." Obviously, after a whirlwind of Ross stepping down and Francis Lawrence stepping up to the plate, we have to wonder what Peeta has to say about the swap.

"I literally don't think I've talked to someone on the phone and they've sounded more upset than he was," Hutcherson told MTV at CinemaCon. He speaks to Ross' schedule conflicts with getting the script and the cast in place in time for an August shoot date.

The Boy with the Bread also spoke to his faith in Lawrence, so we're sure the rest of the cast and fan base will surely follow suit. He's already got our vote.

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Why Francis Lawrence Is a Great Choice to Direct 'Catching Fire'

Francis Lawrence
Getty Images

We admit, Francis Lawrence's name didn’t immediately spring to mind when we were mulling over which director(s) should take over "Catching Fire" once "The Hunger Games" director Gary Ross bowed out.

Now that he's the chosen one and has been offered the gig by Lionsgate, though, we think the selection makes a whole lotta sense. Hear us out.

First of all, there are some serious time constraints to be considered with "Catching Fire." The very reason Gary Ross declined the job of helming the film, he said, was that he wouldn't have enough time to properly prepare the movie to his liking.

"Catching Fire" has to begin production this August to accommodate potential actor scheduling conflicts and to meet the Nov. 22, 2013 release date scheduled by Lionsgate. Get More »

You'll Never Guess Who Might Be Directing 'Catching Fire'

Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games"

Now that Gary Ross has officially stepped down as director of "Catching Fire," next year's sequel to current super blockbuster "The Hunger Games," Hollywood is embarking on its own version of The Hunger Games, with every director in the business engaging in a cutthroat battle to determine who will land the job. May the odds ever be in your favor, right?

Well, according to The Los Angeles Times, Lionsgate has put together a wish list of directors they're interested in talking to — and you literally won't believe some of the names on it.

David Cronenberg's "Catching Fire," anyone? Get More »

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'The Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross Pulls Out of 'Catching Fire'

Jennifer Lawrence and Gary Ross
Getty Images

UPDATE: After several days of negotiations with Lionsgate, Gary Ross has ultimately decided to officially step down as director of the "Hunger Games" sequel, "Catching Fire," according to Heat Vision.

The film's pre-production schedule seems to be the major factor in his decision. "As a writer and a director, I simply don't have the time I need to write and prep the movie I would have wanted to make because of the fixed and tight production schedule," Ross said in an official statement.

Ross' departure from the franchise comes hot on the heels of star Josh Hutcherson expressing his belief that an agreement could be reached between the director and the studio. "There is not much doubt in my mind he'll be doing it. I don't think there's a chance he won't," Hutcherson told "I couldn't imagine making another movie without him." Get More »

Josh Hutcherson Can't Imagine a Ross-Less 'Catching Fire'

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark in "The Hunger Games"

And Lionsgate is probably thinking, "You might have to imagine harder, kid."

In a rather brazen display of self-expression, Peeta himself has revealed that he's skeptical about the future of the "Hunger Games" franchise if director Gary Ross exits the series, according to

Ross is still in heated negotiations with Lionsgate over returning to direct the second film, "Catching Fire" (as is usually the case with situations like this, the issues at hand seem to be money and time). And the possible scenario in which Ross officially steps down from directing the sequel is one that Josh Hutcherson can't fathom — though he seems to believe that everything will work out just fine. Get More »

'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross Aiming For More 'Catching Fire' Cash

Gary Ross directs The Hunger Games

"The Hunger Games" director Gary Ross may have openly said he's "committed" to helm the second movie in the franchise, "Catching Fire," but when it comes to showbiz, money really does all the walking.

Now that "The Hunger Games" has proven its box office muster with more than $253 million in domestic receipts, and we're all ravenous for the second installment to go forward with Ross in tow, it seems he's putting a higher price-tag on his services than the studio would like to oblige. Get More »

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