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Nicholas Sparks Mad Libs: Write Your Own Bestselling Romance for Adaptation to the Screen!

New Line Cinema

Man, don't you just love a good Nicholas Sparks movie? There's nothing better to pop into the DVD player, hit play, and just unwind, your only companions a pint of Ben and Jerry's, a pack of tissues and a box of Chardonnay. (Wine never judges when it comes to weeping over the doomed romance of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.)

But, much as we love "The Notebook," the totally underrated "A Walk to Remember" (We still love you, Mandy!) and all the other masterpieces based on Sparks' novels, don't they get a little...samey after a while? Get More »

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Play BloxOffice Smash to Reveal Awesome New Movie Photos


So you call yourself a movie fan, huh? You frequent our site to catch up on the latest. You know all the taglines. You can recite what's coming out when and impress your friends by throwing down film quotes on cue. Well, boy, have we got something for you!

BloxOffice Smash, our newest web game which puts a Hollywood twist on the classic blocks fun you know and love.

In it, you'll race the clock to fit puzzle pieces together and knock down line by line. Every level you get through – they get more challenging and more rewarding as they go – reveals an awesome new movie image. Get More »

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Unleash the Power of Johnny in 'Depp Impact'

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You've watched Johnny Depp's career travel from Elm Street to the high seas -- and now that the DVD release of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" is on the horizon,  you can invade his filmography with our action-packed online game "Depp Impact."

Play the  game as Johnny himself, armed with a cannon as you move through familiar landscapes, knocking down obstacles in a Caribbean paradise, candy factory, fantasy wonderland and forest of animal-shaped topiary trees -- you know, the kind you might prune by hand if your fingers were ... scissors. Get More »

Winning Time: Play our Charlie Sheen What the Diff Game

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Charlie Sheen -- even when ten of Hollywood's funniest, meanest stars gather to bust his chops, he's still winning. Get More »

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