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Gael Garcia Bernal Joins Jon Stewart's Directorial Debut

Getty Images Getty Images

Jon Stewart is sharply hilarious and Gael Garcia Bernal honed his comedic chops against Will Ferrell, but the pair are teaming up for the first time to tackle a grimly serious subject.

Stewart has cast the 34-year-old Mexican actor as the lead in his directorial debut, according to "The Daily Show" host will take a leave of absence this summer to work on the Iranian-set "Rosewater." While correspondent Jon Oliver sits at the news desk for eight of the 12 weeks his boss will be gone, Stewart will direct the star of "Amores Perros" in the story of a journalist, Maziar Bahari, who visits Iran on assignment and ends up jailed for 118 days and roughed up by an interrogator who smells of rosewater. Hey, look, it's the title! Get More »

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5 Movies You’d Think Had Been Written by Nicholas Sparks

The Vow Screen Gems

Nicholas Sparks has a well-deserved reputation as the master of the romantic drama, thanks to films like "The Notebook" and new release "Safe Haven." Last year's movie "The Vow" has everything you would expect from a Nicholas Sparks film: hot actors (Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams), a wife in a coma, lingering amnesia and the joy of love rediscovered. Just one thing -- somehow, amazingly, Sparks didn't actually write it.

Yeah, we're surprised, too. So in honor of "The Vow," we hereby present our list of the Top Five Movies You'd Think Were Written by Nicholas Sparks. Get More »

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Gael Garcia Bernal Takes on a Dictator With an Ad Campaign in 'No' Trailer


There are few things Hollywood loves more than a good political drama, except for a good political drama with a major star in the lead.

Enter Gael Garcia Bernal and the upcoming "No," a film about the 1988 referendum in Chile when the people were given the chance to remove dictator Augusto Pinochet from office, after 15 years of his oppressive dictatorship. Get More »

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Not Much Happens In 'The Loneliest Planet,' But It's Well Worth a Visit

IFC Films

If you like your films fast-paced a la Michael Bay, then steer clear of "The Loneliest Planet," Julia Loktev's entrancing sophomore feature.

Glacially slow by mainstream standards, "The Loneliest Planet" is more concerned with making you think than hoodwinking you with zany plot developments. For cinemagoers seeking a challenging experience sure to rattle in your brain long after you leave the theater, you'd be advised to visit "The Loneliest Planet." Get More »

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Casting Roundup: Ludwig, Cohen and Plaza Get the Gigs

Alexander Ludwig Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• After hunting Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games," Alexander Ludwig is now setting his sights on Abigail Breslin as he signs on for "Final Girl," according to Variety. The film revolves around a girl who, after being by a group of teenage boys, turns the tables by hunting them. Sheesh, Alex, pick on someone your own size for once!

• Here's a true-life story that occurred strictly so Sacha Baron Cohen could star in a movie about it someday. Deadline reports that "The Dictator" star is attached to "The Lesbian," a dark comedy inspired by the life of Cecil Chao, the Hong Kong billionaire who offered $65 million to any man who succeeded in marrying his lesbian daughter. Get More »

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Will Ferrell's Spanish Is Muy Bueno in 6 'Casa de Mi Padre' Clips

Casa de mi Padre
Pantelion Films

Get ready for a little Spanish 101 with your new instructor, Will Ferrell. The "Step Brothers" funnyman has been hitting the Rosetta Stone software hard so he can deliver "Casa de Mi Padre," a cracking parody of over-the-top telenovelas (latino soap operas). Did we mention he doesn't speak a lick of English for the whole movie?

Ferrell stars as Armando Alvarez, a simple farmhand on his father's ranch who has to defend his home from all manner of evildoers after falling in love with his drug-dealing brother's fiancée, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez). Get More »

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Kate Hudson's New Trailer Is 'A Little Bit of Heaven'

Millennium Entertainment

Thanks to HIPAA regulations, doctor/patient confidentiality is guaranteed by federal law. There's at least one instance, however, where that confidentiality can be broken: If you and your doctor happen to be characters in a rom-com starring Kate Hudson and Gael Garcia Bernal.

In which case the best cure for whatever ails you is the new trailer for "A Little Bit of Heaven." Get More »

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Gael Garcia Bernal Makes His Mark as New 'Zorro'

Gael Garcia Bernal
Getty Images

Gael Garcia Bernal better start practicing making a "Z" with a sword.

The "Science of Sleep" star will play the legendary masked avenger in 20th Century Fox's futuristic take on the character, "Zorro Reborn," according to Variety.

"Zorro Reborn" was first announced in April of last year, with Fox moving the action to some place other than California or Mexico -- and to some other time as well, as this Zorro will be a masked vigilante hell-bent on revenge as he traverses a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Get More »

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Christina Aguilera Will Sing for Her Supper at 'Casa de mi Padre'

Getty Images

It seems like everything we find out about "Casa de mi Padre" is getting weirder and weirder as its March release date nears.

The latest detail to drop is that Christina Aguilera will be loaning her considerable lung power to the movie's title track. So far there's no trace of the dancing diva in the trailer, but perhaps we would hope for a little tongue-in-cheek cameo? Get More »

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Gael Garcia Bernal Gets Political With 'No'

Getty Images

Can ousting a dictator be as simple as just saying "No"? Well, maybe it's a little more complicated than that, but this new movie starring Gael Garcia Bernal is going to show us how one little word helped kick Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet to the curb.

In 1988, the people of Chile took part in a referendum to vote simply yes or no to continue Pinochet's rule for another eight years. Although this set-up was intended to keep Pinochet in charge, the people voted him out. (Read more about it here.) Garcia Bernal will play an ad exec behind the famous "No" campaign. Get More »

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