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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Immortals,' 'Footloose' and More

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This week: Mickey Rourke attempts to unleash the Titans in "Immortals," a remake of "Footloose" cuts loose, Adam Sandler is doubly unfunny in "Jack and Jill," a young couple goes crazy being apart in "Like Crazy," and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" makes a noble Blu-ray debut. Get More »

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Blake Shelton Leads 'Footloose' Soundtrack's Kickline of Stars


The Sunday shoes of "Footloose" are pretty tough to fill.

Everyone remembers Kevin Bacon's quick and sexy moves, undoubtedly thanks to their being choreographed to Kenny Loggins. And that Loggins theme song? It's a mind worm! Everyone knows it and everyone can hum it.

What's a "Footloose" remake to do? Abandon the original theme for something new? Or just be gutsy, run with it, and have a big country star make it his own? Thankfully, director Craig Brewer went with option number two, and put Blake Shelton in the studio to cut loose... footloose. Get More »

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