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The 10 Scariest Movies Ever ... According to Their Wikipedia Pages

Stephen King's It Warner Bros.

I don't like watching scary movies, because they scare me. The last scary movie I saw in theaters was "The Ring," during which I pretended to receive an inordinate amount of urgent text messages to divert my attention from the movie to my phone. "Ugh, another text message? (laughs in disbelief, shakes head) But I'm trying to watch this movie!" In reality, I received exactly zero text messages during the film. Get More »

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The 5 Most Awesome Deaths in the 'Final Destination' Movies

Final Destination 5
Warner Bros.

"All destinations are final! That's what it means, destiny: final." - George Carlin

With its trademark wacky, Rube Goldberg-style deaths of random teens, the "Final Destination" series is near-revolutionary in horror terms. It did away with the boogiemen of Freddy and Jason, embracing the idea that some kids are simply supposed to die for our entertainment dollar.

And die they do, and continue doing so in "Final Destination 5," which holds some ace killings up its sleeve as people get mashed, smashed, fried, and diced beyond recognition as punishment for... well, we're not sure if there's a lesson anymore.

We do know they're fun as hell to watch, which is why we've gathered the top five best kills from the four previous entries to get your blood pumping for more. (Warning: These clips are most definitely not safe for work. If you're squeamish, look away.) Get More »

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First Look At the Fifth 'Final Destination'

Final Destination 5
Warner Bros.

Hollywood knows a good thing when it sees it, which is why Tinseltown proudly presents "Final Destination 5."

In the spirit of the franchise, the theme remains virtually unchanged from the previous four installments: you can't cheat death—but audiences will certainly love to watch you try. Get More »

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'Final Destination' Ain't Dead Yet - Parts 6 and 7 Planned

Warner Bros.

It seems the Grim Reaper isn't about to pull the plug on the "Final Destination" franchise anytime soon. The fifth installment hits theaters this August and could spawn two more sequels if it makes a killing at the box office.

Actor Tony Todd, who played mysterious mortician Bludworth in the original film and will return for "Final Destination 5," says the latest entry in the horror series should prove a bloody good time. Get More »

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