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9 Romeos Who Would (or Wouldn't) Commit Suicide For Love

Romeo and Juliet Relativity Media

Feel the heat! Feel the desire! Feel the perfectly spoken, well-enunciated sentences!

That's right, yet another version of Billy Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is upon us, because the 17 years since we saw Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes stare deeply into each other's eyes and head to Poundtown was deemed simply too long for any normal person to bear. Get More »

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The 10 Kinkiest Sex Scenes in Movie History (NSFW)

Lionsgate Lionsgate

According to the search I just completed 17 seconds ago, Google defines the word "kinky" as "remove your safe search." Wait, sorry, that's not right. One second.

According to the search I just completed 48 seconds ago, Google (and then Wikipedia) defines the word "kinky" as "a term used to refer to an intelligent and playful usage of sexual concepts which are overt, accentuated, unambiguously expressive of sexuality."

Seems excessive, no? For the purpose of this list, we're pretty much defining "kinky" as "Hey, look, a hot sex scene." [SFX: Whip crack] Like you're going to complain. Especially with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Don Jon" coming out this week.

Here now are the 10, er, "kinkiest" sex scenes in movie history, generally embedded from sketchier websites than Youtube. And, yeah, you probably shouldn't watch any of these videos at work unless you want to get fired or start a really weird NSFW-themed relationship with your boss. Get More »

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Could 'A Talking Cat!?!' Be The Next 'The Room'?

A Talking Cat!?! Phase 4 Films

Oh hi, reader. By now, you probably know the story of Tommy Wiseau's 2003 masterpiece/enigma/train wreck "The Room," a movie which took America by (s**t) storm, effortlessly and unprecedentedly transcending the notion that a bad movie had to merely be just "a bad movie" and not also "a tour-de-force that instantly makes your life better when you watch it."

If you haven't witnessed Wiseau's gem, get on that, but for the purposes of this discussion, here's a quick recap:

Johnny (Wiseau, who also wrote, directed, produced and singlehandedly funded the movie) lives in San Francisco with his "future wife." They have lots of weird-looking sex, live in the same building as all of their friends and enjoy speaking to each other in fragmented sentences and boisterously laughing during inappropriate moments, among other inane things. Get More »

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20 Movie Posters That Want to Have Sex With You

It's a quote that's been repeated thousands of times, but it feels especially relevant here. I'm speaking, of course, about this bit of correspondence from Benjamin Franklin to John Adams in 1774:

"John, I know movie posters aren't 'alive,' like you or me or the night when I bring a lady of the eve to my stead, but it almost appears as if some movie posters have a libido of their own, like they're pointing right at me and saying, 'Ben, it is you I wish to bed.' Doth this make me a crazy fellow?"

John, I'll take this one: It certainly doth not, Ben. It makes you a person with feelings.

Don't look now, but the following 20 movie posters are eyeing you ...

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Imagining What Each of the 39 Producers on 'The Butler' Did

Lee Daniels' The Butler The Weinstein Company

That's right — "Lee Daniels' The Butler" has 39 credited producers to its name, and it isn't just Lee Daniels 39 times. We're not sure if this is a record, but we are sure that it's a lot of f**king producers.

So what, exactly, did each producer do for the movie? In a NextMovie exclusive, we've obtained a verified* list of the various roles each producer filled during the production of the film. Needless to say, each was wholly necessary to the quality of the end result. Get More »

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10 Equally Random Suggestions For the Role of Steve Jobs in 'Jobs'

Jobs Open Road

If anything, Ashton Kutcher was certainly an outside-the-box choice to play Steve Jobs in "Jobs," the late Apple founder's biopic debuting this month for which no one asked.

But could the well-meaning producers of the film have ventured even more outside the box with the starring role? If the intention of casting Kutcher was to create a preliminary buzz around the film that may not have been there otherwise (and, really, what else could it have been for?), could the choice have been better? Get More »

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The Top 2 Afflecks of All Time

Casey Affleck & Ben Affleck Getty Images

Some surnames are just more common than others. You know, Jones, Smith, Affleck. So standing out from the crowd when you have one of those names can be very difficult. Seriously, can you just imagine the confusion at school for those poor teachers who had to deal with yet another kid named Ben Affleck? Man, how could they tell them all apart?

And that — along with the release of Casey Affleck's new mood piece "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" — got us thinking: Just who is the greatest Affleck in the long history of Hollywood? Get More »

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Stupid Questions with 'Sharknado' Screenwriter Thunder Levin

Sharknado Syfy

Syfy's "Sharknado" took the world by storm (by sharknado?) last month when it debuted on an otherwise nondescript Thursday night. In particular, logging into Twitter turned into its own sharknado of sorts, with rapid-fire tweets encompassing the simultaneous bewilderment, fascination and amusement of viewers of the movie from around the world. 

Despite its unexpected phenomena, the film's humble writer, Thunder Levin, remains mostly out of the spotlight, though the fact that a sequel is already in production (supposedly taking place in New York City as opposed to the original film's Los Angeles) may just change that.

Levin spoke to NextMovie this week about Al Gore, the revelation that is Ian Ziering and Obama's lack of preparedness in the event of an actual sharknado attack. Get More »

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The 10 Least Scary Movies ... According to Their Wikipedia Pages

Sleepy Hollow Warner Bros.

Way back in January, on this very website, we covered the scariest movies according to their Wikipedia page plot summaries. To say the least, the article sparked a lively discussion. Hordes of anonymous Internet denizens were shocked, horrified, appalled and most of all confused, steadfastly incapable of understanding why an adult human would judge a film on its Wikipedia page plot summary instead of just, you know, watching it.

And I get it. I get it, guys. I'm with you. Get More »

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What Movie Poster Has the Most Guns On It?

A logical person might think that the movie poster for "2 Guns" would only feature a total of two guns. And that logical person would be correct. So let's move on.

Indeed, let's move on to those movie posters that outdo themselves in the gun department. To those posters who can ask us to "check out these guns" without making us want to vomit.

Posters with three guns or four guns or even six guns need not apply. This is the creme de la creme, folks.

The nine posters with the most guns. Let's lock and load! (Sorry. So, so sorry.)

9. 'Act of Valour' (2012) — 7 Guns

Act of Valour

Let's be serious: There was no way anyone appearing on the "Act of Valour" poster was going to be without a gun. They are all silhouettes, indistinguishable in anyone's eyes except that they are marines with machine guns. That's what the entire movie encompassed. Of course, I didn't see the movie, but it would have been a relative shock had it featured any character that didn't regularly carry around an assault rifle. In fact, had the previews showcased a diminutive guy with glasses who served as the agent for the seven marines and made pithy comments as they blew stuff up around him, I probably would have seen the movie. For shame, "Act of Valour." You missed out on my 12 dollars. Get More »

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