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6 Flicks Seeing Super Bowl Commercial Play Time


Sure, the Super Bowl is kind of about football, but it's also one of the few times each year when TV viewers actually get amped up about commercials instead of just using the ad time for potty breaks and/or beer fetching. The price tag for putting a few seconds of salesmanship on air during the big game is hefty to say the least (to the tune of $3.7 to $3.8 million in some cases), and this year a few movie studios are ponying up in hopes of wrangling in some cinema-goers. Get More »

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2013's 29 Movie Sequels Ranked From Least to Most Necessary

Iron Man 3 Marvel

"Texas Chainsaw 3D" is 2013's inaugural sequel in a year chock full of them (29 in all). With this much franchise volume in one year, it's good to keep some perspective in terms of which series we're primed for ... and which ones shouldn't have had a first movie to begin with.

From the bad to the rad, here's our rundown of all the follow-ups fans have been clamoring for — or haven't, as the case may be. Prioritize your sequel viewing, people. Get More »

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Gina Carano Gets 'Fast & Furious' for Round Six

Gina Carano
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In order to become an MMA champion, you need to be both fast and furious. How well those particular skills translate to the big screen is another matter. Luckily for Gina Carano, however, she's found the perfect vehicle to turn her fighting abilities into acting gold — and that vehicle is probably going to be a souped up, barely street legal import.

Carano has just landed a role in the upcoming action film "Fast & Furious 6," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now that gets our motors revving. Get More »

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Dwayne Johnson Moves to 'Ciudad'

Getty Images

Pop quiz: you're two brothers who have made a name for yourselves directing off-beat comedies (like "You, Me and Dupree," "Community," "Happy Endings" and even some old-school "Arrested Development" episodes), but now you want to make an action thriller. How do you make the leap?

Sign one of the biggest action stars on the planet for your lead role. (This isn't rocket science, people.) Get More »

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