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A Magical 'Harry Potter'-Themed Anti-Rape PSA

harry potter psa

Listen up, Potterheads. No means no, k?

That's the message of this clever "Harry Potter"-themed PSA poster, which instructs muggles the world over that love potions (for non-wizards: alcohol and/or drugs) do not a consenting adult make. Get More »

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Meet the Despicable Avengers

Ever find yourself wishing your heroes were just a little, well, cuter?

Then meet the crack team we like to call the Despicable Avengers, a hybrid of The Avengers and the (adorable) minions from "Despicable Me." Just imagine these little guys saving the day!

This fan art is the brainchild of Tumblr user squall95. Wishful thinking, but can the minions please don these outfits to save the day in "Despicable Me 2"?

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Check Out This Awesome Fan-Made 'Moonrise Kingdom' Awards Campaign

Oscar season is upon us, which means that ads begging Academy members for their votes are almost as ubiquitous as dazzling couture dresses will be in a few weeks. Usually, the ads consist of a production still and a headline, but the Wes Anderson-directed fan favorite "Moonrise Kingdom" took a different approach.

Focus Features ran a Tumblr-based contest asking fans to submit their own ads, with the chance of their original art being used in the movie's actual awards campaign, as well as a cash prize. NextMovie's own Max Evry was announced as one of the winners today, for his hand-drawn ad featuring Suzy and Sam. Check it out below!

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