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Questions and Answers With Brendan Fraser

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Brendan Fraser is not quite what you would expect. Just trust us: Whatever it is you're expecting from the star of "Dudley Do-Right" and "Blast From the Past," he's decidedly not it. For a guy who has starred in so many family friendly films, Fraser is pleasantly quirky and candid. He's also made a few unexpected moves in his career: Alongside a starring voice role in another one of those mainstream family movies ("Escape From Planet Earth"), Fraser has another decidedly darker, quirkier film coming out this month, "Stand Off."

As Fraser described it to us, "It's a family story about what happens when people put the guns down and actually talk to each other. There's a way forward, peacefully. Open a dialogue, try that. Logical discourse, how bout that. See what happens." Alternately: It's about an Irish fish market robbery gone horribly wrong, with a few familial mishaps along the way (a mobster tries to kidnap a baby, Fraser's character may or may not be the father of the perfect stranger holding up the fish market, etc.).

NextMovie chatted on the phone with Fraser ahead of the release of "Stand Off" and convinced him to tell us his favorite movie title pun, who he wouldn't want in a bomb shelter with him and for which skill you have to "squeeze your buttcheeks together and give it everything you've got." Get More »

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Questions and Answers With Craig Robinson

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If you saw Craig Robinson on the street, you would probably call him Darryl. That's okay with him — people do it almost every day. After all, he's been playing the sarcastic warehouse worker-turned-manager by that name on "The Office" since 2005. Soon, though, Dunder Mifflin will close its doors for good and Robinson will be Darryl no more. Not that he was in the first place: Robinson has had memorable parts in "Knocked Up," "Hot Tub Time Machine," "Pineapple Express" and others. This week, he's back on the big screen with "Escape From Planet Earth." Or at least, his voice is. In the animated feature, Robinson voices Doc, a Furby-like alien talk radio host who has been taken hostage by scheming humans and forced to implement alien technology on Earth. Twitter? Yeah, that's all Doc.

NextMovie sat down with Robinson in New York ahead of the film's release to talk about aliens, "The Office," his hypothetical love advice talk show and more. Get More »

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