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The 'Emperor' Trailer Has Clothes, Tommy Lee Jones

Krasnoff Foster

Tommy Lee Jones in right in the middle of an Oscar race thanks to his performance in the historical drama "Lincoln." So what could he possibly do to top his role as abolitionist senator Thaddeus Stevens? Well, how about playing American icon General MacArthur in the upcoming historical drama "The Emperor?"

And as this new trailer show, they might as well start engraving his name on the Oscar right now. Get More »

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Tommy Lee Jones Gets Gruff With Matthew Fox in 'Emperor'

Getty Images

He might be a Harvard grad, but Tommy Lee Jones always seems right at home as a grizzled man of the law. Even if that guy is a "Man in Black" who enjoys the company of a talking pug.

We last saw him in "Captain America" as Colonel Chester Phillips, the Army dude who recruits puny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) to join their rogue outfit.

However, his next role is no Marvel creation; instead, he'll be putting on those Army duds to play one of US history's most influential generals, Douglas MacArthur, in the World War II drama "Emperor." Get More »

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