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Elisabeth Moss Goes Wild in 'A Buddy Story' Trailer


Those who watch AMC's phenomenal "Mad Men" must have relished the recent episode where typically straight-laced/mousy Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) went on a wild epic bender of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and movie theater friskiness with a stranger.

Now they can see fan fave Moss really cut loose in the amiable new indie flick "A Buddy Story," the trailer for which has just debuted on Yahoo! Movies. FYI, the "Buddy" of the title describes both the main dude's name and his relationship with Moss' character. Super clever, eh? Get More »

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'Darling Companion' Trailer Is a Must-See For Dog Lovers

Sony Pictures Classics

Every week, Hollywood puts out movies about terrible things like genocide, cancer, war and the zombie apocalypse. And that's totally cool, because at this point, seeing a bunch of people get eviscerated by a serial killer is pretty much the highest form of entertainment pop culture can offer.

But there's still one thing we absolutely cannot handle emotionally: Movies about dogs.

Which is why the new trailer for "Darling Companion" may just cause your tear ducts to literally explode. Get More »

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Nerd Messiah Nathan Fillion Lands 'Green Lantern' After All

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Fanboys, rejoice!

After the demanding cries of devout "Firefly"/"Serenity" (and maybe "Castle"?) followers went unheard during casting for DC/Warner Bros.' big screen "Green Lantern" adaptation, Nathan Fillion will finally get his due - as the voice of Hal Jordan in the animated feature "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights."

Fillion, who previously lent his voice to the top-notch "Wonder Woman" feature, had long been a favorite for the live-action film (with fans even creating a mock trailer to prove his worth), but the role eventually went to Ryan Reynolds, leaving fans down on their luck. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fillion will slip on the ring and inhabit the role, alongside "Mad Men" star Elisabeth Moss, rocker/actor Henry Rollins, Jason Isaacs (aka Lucius Malfoy in "Harry Potter") and Arnold Vosloo of "24" and "Mummy" fame. Get More »

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